The Employers of Silent Guardians Are Recognised

Detectamet Guardian awards encourage food makers to reduce plastic in food. The Silver, Gold or Platinum awards reflect their of use detectable plastics.

York, United Kingdom, October 15, 2016 --( “I have often described Detectamet’s detectable products as the ‘Silent Guardians’ of food safety” said Sean Smith when he announced a new award to recognise a food processing company’s commitment to food safety.

At the SIAL Food and Drink Expo in Paris Detectamet’s Chairman explained that the Detectamet Guardian Award would be presented to a company that demonstrated its food safety culture by protecting customers and consumers from the risk of physical contamination in its products.

There are three levels of award. Silver, Gold and Platinum and they will be presented in accordance with the level of commitment made by the recipients. Silver awards will go to food companies using more than three detectable plastic products. Gold winners will be employing seven or more products and the users of eleven or more products will receive the Platinum Award.

Detectamet manufactures and distributes the largest range of detectable plastic products in the world. In the past 12 months more than 22 products have been added to the new catalogue. These products can be detected by metal and X-ray inspection machines that will reject food products containing detectable contamination.

“By using detectable plastic products in processing areas food and ingredient producers are diligently and quietly reinforcing their important business of producing safe food,” said Sean. “They should be recognised and encouraged and I cannot think of a better place to start this scheme than here at SIAL one of the largest food and drink exhibitions in the world.” For more information contact s.smith at
James Chrismas
0044 (0) 1759 304200
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