Launch of First Marketing Planner Tool of Its Kind Set to Boost Small Business Growth

Trilojee guides entrepreneurs to plan, market, and measure their way to higher sales.

Northvale, NJ, October 29, 2016 --( Trilojee Marketing introduces software for small business owners looking to achieve their sales goals, a first-of-its-kind tool. The Trilojee Marketing Planner is designed to help business owners grow their sales and maximize their marketing efforts.

The Marketing Planner guides users to easily create a customized and targeted plan based on their unique business and goals. Trilojee Marketing’s founder Nick D’Alessandro, a small business strategist, says of his new venture, “The Trilojee Marketing Planner provides business owners the best strategies to develop a focused plan to accelerate their sales potential.”

A user is guided through executing critical marketing tasks for their business, all while maintaining a realistic timeline. “We offer a program that helps break down and define actionable steps a user needs to perform in order to implement their strategies and increase sales,” explains D’Alessandro. “Trilojee understands the importance of simplifying this process. A ‘plan’ is only a set of ideas until action is taken.”

The unique Trilojee Marketing Planner has five action steps for small business owners:

Marketing Report. Business owners answer simple questions to receive a personalized marketing report and then generate a customized plan.

Plan. Users set specific goals and develop the strategies to achieve them.

Market. The tool breaks down the specific tasks needed to implement the plan.

Measure. Businesses effectively evaluate their marketing strategies and funnel money into the most-profitable ones.

Additional Tools. Bonus tools give users additional ways to clarify plans and goals in order to maximize their marketing efforts.

This new Marketing Planner tool offers business owners a cost-efficient alternative for analyzing their position in the market and then taking their own initiatives to grow their companies. This software tool has great potential in small business communities at a national level.

About Trilojee: is the first professional online Marketing Planner for entrepreneurs. Trilojee Marketing aims to help small business owners increase sales by guiding them through a process of strategic growth using customized planning, marketing and measuring. Trilojee Marketing was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to better serve the small business community toward profitability and financial success.
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Nick D’Alessandro