New Website Gives Long Island Residents the Opportunity Discuss Local Matters and Current Events is a new forum that allows people with a shared place of origin to communicate and share experiences

Malverne, NY, February 21, 2006 --( A brand new website was recently introduced that invites people from Long Island to come together and discuss the finer points of what make the island unique. is formatted as a forum, giving visitors the opportunity to have personal “conversations” and communicate directly with one another. It contains advice, recommendations and the chance for guests to simply get to know one another.

As a native Long Islander himself, founder of the website, Dominick Miserandino has a personal appreciation of the area. “Long Island has a very distinct personality,” he says, “It has a decidedly New York vibe to it, while at the same time maintaining a small-town, suburban atmosphere. Communities are tight-knit and there is an identifiable sense of kinship among the Long Island population. It’s not uncommon to find neighbors standing out on their lawns or on the corners of their streets, catching up with each other and having conversations. That is the exact feeling we have attempted to duplicate on I believe that we have, since I am not only the creator of the site, but also a frequent visitor.”

People new to the area may also find the website to be a useful resource. Visitors can share commuting experiences and tips and can also find unbiased recommendations for local businesses. Additionally, there is a separate thread for each town within the two counties.

Threads are categorized under General Discussion, Restaurants, Fun, Commuting, Housing, Politics, What’s new and coming, Anything Else, Nassau Town Talk, and Suffolk Town Talk.

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### is owned and operated from the same founding team as The site was developed in 2005 to provide inhabitants of Long Island, whether current, former, or new residents, an online community to discuss happenings in the area and other topical events. The site is formatted as a forum and offers a range of discussion threads including birthday parties on Long Island, local activities, advice for commuters, current events and more.

Dominick Miserandino