TimberMaster LTD Launches Live Web Feed Feature Direct from the Assembly Area of Factory

Timber Master UK, a known and trusted wooden doors and windows manufacturer recently launched its live web feed feature. The feature allows clients to get live updates directly from the assembly area. It will provide a sneak peek into all that goes into manufacturing the bespoke doors and windows.

Rugby, United Kingdom, November 25, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Timber Master is known for its high quality bespoke wooden windows and doors. Recently the company launched a feature wherein clients can get live feeds from the factory area. This feature allows clients to witness their projects being assembled. Customers can witness the intricacies involved in creating high quality wooden windows and doors.

The handmade furniture like exterior front doors is intricately designed to lend a unique appeal to any home. These pieces are expertly designed by skilled craftsmen who make every effort to ensure that the products are of the highest quality. The company has a very wide collection of handcrafted wooden doors, windows and furniture. Few of the most popular products include flush casement windows, sash windows, panelled doors and many more.

At Timber Master, the primary focus has always been to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Hence the company makes use of the highest quality materials for manufacturing different types of products. With the live web feed feature, customers can see for themselves how the selected products are assembled to make the perfect pieces.

The real time video streaming will definitely make the customers feel a part of the overall manufacturing and assembling process. Timber Master allows customers to view all the steps that are involved in crafting exquisite doors and windows through the live video. The company launched the feature which provides live feeds for each working day. According to experts of the company, the sole purpose of launching this feature was to ensure that the customers get a real time experience of the steps involved in the manufacturing and assembling of wooden doors, windows and furniture.

Right from assembling the frames to manufacturing the actual finished product, the live streaming allows customers to view it all. The streaming is done directly from the assembly area of the company. According to the company, this has been done to provide assurance to customers regarding the various quality aspects involved. This reflects the confidence the company has in its manufacturing techniques and the materials used.

The day wise live feeds allow customers to track the progress of each project. Through the launch of this feature, the sole aim of the company is to ensure that customers get the highest level of satisfaction. There is nothing more exciting than to see the doors and windows that will enhance the beauty of your house manufactured in front of your own eyes. The commitment to quality is reflected aptly in this step taken by the company.

In order to get live feeds, log on to the Timber Master website. For more information regarding the various types of products offered, call 01788577112.
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