Choose a Wonderkul Gift for the Holidays

Add Wonderkul to Your Cart for Holiday Values - Handcrafted Nepalese Crafts - Nepal Cotton Pouches, Mala Beads, Friendship bracelets and Colorful, Sandalwood Mala Beads

Austin, TX, December 07, 2016 --( Wonderkul announced today that all of its featured Amazon products will be 25% off for the holidays. Visit Wonderkul on Amazon - or to see all your stocking stuffing options.

They offer a unique assortment of gifts under $20 all of which are intended to promote, nurture and engage people in the wonderful side of life. The holiday promotion includes all of their featured products:

- Handmade in Nepal - Set of 3 - Multi-use Zippered Cotton Organizer (Wallet, Pouch, Coin Purse) -

- Nepal Hemp Friendship Bracelets (set of 3) -

- Nepalese Beaded Bracelet –

- Nepalese Japa Mala Beads –

- Colorful Sandalwood Mala Beads -

- 6+ Multi-functional Dog Leash -

A Wonderkul spokesperson was quoted as saying “We hope everyone will take us up on our holiday offer and enjoy 25% any purchase from our entire Amazon catalog.”

As part of the Wonderkul holiday promotion, they are also encouraging everyone to visit Wonderkul on social media and share something wonderful from their holiday experiences.

Psychologists and cognitive researchers remind us that our reality is focused by what we focus on. Focusing on the positive aspects of things will create a positive outlook – a positive mind set. In a similar but opposite way, focusing on the negative creates a negative mind. We are what we think.

Kay Janes, a Wonderkul spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Wonderkul encourages everyone to focus on the positive – share good experiences – be a friend to the world. Find more joy for yourself and create it for others this holiday season by starting with a good intention and positive mindset. You’ll find products in the Wonderkul catalog that will support a positive mindset.”
Kay Janes