Magic Wrapp - A Self-Adhesive Fabric, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Newark, CA, December 12, 2016 --( Magic Wrapp, a revolutionary self-adhesive cloth giving wearable technology a new face today, has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign this week for garnering widespread support and the necessary financial backing to make the innovative product a reality.

Borne from a passion for addressing comfort, ease of use, quietness, and multi-functionality in a product design, Magic Wrapp is able to answer the call. It is comprised of a special fabric that is soft to the touch and non-irritative, making itchy wrist and ankle bands a thing of the past. This magical fabric can be applied to many things as well such as in-patient hospital gowns, to pet clothing.

“We thought to ourselves, for all the active, on-the-go, and athletic people out there, we can surely develop a product that is convenient, versatile, and easy to use all at once,” said Simon Ding, Co-Founder of Magic Wrapp. “What we developed embodies ease of use, and makes protecting injuries, irritants, and uncomfortable areas on our body an absolute breeze.”

The Magic Wrapp is as quiet as a whisper, and can be bonded and folded around anything. The adhesive fabric immediately fuses together, remediating the need for loud, itchy hooked fasteners and other clip-together additives put on sport’s tape. Additionally, the wrap is completely machine washable, never altering the adhesive fusion properties.

“This wrap can be customized for anyone’s daily needs – from bonding an injured wrist, to keeping a stiff neck from stretching out at work,” said Simon. “The possibilities are endless, which is why we’ve taken our product to Kickstarter. Spread the word, and head on over to our profile today to check out our informational video.”

Magic Wrapp is an incredibly portable product that is designed for extensive travel. It can also be wrapped together and used to carry incredible heavy objects like bags, bottles, and any other portable item.

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