Research Underway for the City Beat News 2017 Spectrum Awards for Customer Satisfaction

Top businesses with the strongest customer satisfaction ratings in City Beat News’ independent research will receive the Spectrum Award.

Lapeer, MI, December 29, 2016 --( City Beat News (CBN) is wrapping up its research for the upcoming annual customer satisfaction awards. Beginning in January, and on a rolling basis as CBN completes its ongoing research for award candidates, announcements of 2017 Spectrum Customer Satisfaction Award winners will be made on the website and in other publications.

CBN fills a need for businesses and consumers alike, as both thirst for unbiased customer service research. Consumers can easily verify a company’s star rating and Spectrum Award status, and when they do so they can be confident about going forward with the award-winning company due to its great customer service track record. Knowing that the business has a history of customer satisfaction assures them that they can anticipate the same. And the business winners receive valuable feedback and confirmation of their successful performance in the eyes of their customers.

Winners are selected based on CBN’s independent, proprietary research and evaluation system, identifying those businesses consistently providing an exceptional customer experience and thus enjoying high customer satisfaction. The rating system combines data collected from nominations, online and other customer reviews, surveys, blogs, social networks, business-rating services, and other honors and accolades — all of which express the voice of the customer. The end result is one simple rating that is stable for the entire year.

CBN reports its findings to consumers and business owners throughout the year on a rolling annual basis, honoring the highest-rated companies with the Spectrum Award. This assessment of performance over a longer time period leads to a more balanced and reliable indicator of expected future performance than rating systems that change daily with new reports or claims.

“Each and every year, winning companies earn their rating based on recent performance and it is posted for the upcoming year - and consumers are able to find who has rated among the best businesses in their community,” says CBN Editor Jamie Rawcliffe. “The Spectrum Award winners have earned our highest ratings and are posted on our website with their own Star Page highlighting further information.” Check to verify if a company has earned the Spectrum Award.

CBN’s database of performance information has been compiled on an ongoing basis since 2009, so it provides more than just a snapshot of a company and what it has done recently. Its analysis avoids the pitfalls of unfounded or unjustified negative commentary posted by an unhappy employee or competitor. Negative reviews, true or not, can truly damage a business’s reputation. CBN separates legitimate complaints that would be predictors of future customer service from ones that are true outliers or are perhaps unfounded or even insincere.

“The Stirling Center is pleased to have City Beat News join it in the goal of researching, recognizing and promoting superior customer service,” says Frank Andrews, Executive Director of The Stirling Center for Excellence. “It is right in line with our mission of finding, recognizing and encouraging excellence.”

The Stirling Center includes a learning and resource center with courses, team training and support, executive coaching, articles, and case studies focused on excellence. Its objective is to enable and encourage excellence across many fields, wherever it can. The Stirling Center,, recognizes service excellence in both commercial businesses through City Beat News and its sister company Pulse of the City News, and in non-commercial fields through Stirling’s own “life” and “public service” divisions.

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