Create Calm Before, During and After the Storm - Wonderkul Offers Discounted Meditation Malas

Resolutions to start a meditation practice surge with recent unrest. A meditation practice can help anyone create more peace and calm in their life.

Austin, TX, January 13, 2017 --( Wonderkul has announced a 30% discount through February on it’s Tibetan styled, Colorful Sandalwood Mala to promote and encourage everyone to resolve to begin a regular meditation practice this year.

Since adding this beautiful mala to their online offerings, Wonderkul has been following the research and media swell in interest regarding the benefits of a regular meditation practice.

It appears that as the external world seems to grow less stable and reliable, more and more people are seeking ways to find their own equilibrium and internal balance. The solution can’t be found in the latest hi-tech gadget or phone app. Rather, in a very lo-tech tool and an ancient practice - meditation.

For thousands of years, Hindu and Buddhist teachers have realized and taught their students how to achieve an inner stability, calm and focus through a regular meditation - or mindfulness - practice. Mala beads, like the ones sold by Wonderkul and others, can be used to facilitate and add another dimension to a meditation practice.

The mediation masters have long known the benefits of meditation to include improved focus, a calmer mind, greater creativity and mental elasticity that leads to an overall improved sense of inner and outer well being. In recent decades modern science is coming to similar conclusions. A variety of studies have found evidence that suggests a regular meditation practice can be beneficial to your physical health and mental health. The research suggests that benefits range from improving physical conditions - such as cardiovascular disease, chronic pain and anxiety - to creating positive behavioral effects - such as heightened perception, improved concentration and reaction time - and improved cognitive functions - such as learning ability, recall and creativity.

“It’s encouraging to read more articles and findings that support what many ancient traditions have long known, that a regular meditation practice can be very beneficial to your overall health and happiness. And it’s great to see the traditional practices being supported and encouraged in today’s busy world. I’m convinced that we’d all be a little happier if more of these kinds of lo-tech solutions - like meditating with a mala - became a part of our modern traditions,” stated a Wonderkul spokesperson. She added with a smile “And a mala always make a nice wrap bracelet.”

Wonderkul spokesperson, Kay Janes, concluded with “We hope everyone will take advantage of our New Year’s sale - 30% off of our malas and bracelets - but more importantly try adding a meditation practice to your daily routine. You just might be pleasantly surprised…and relaxed.”

Wonderkul, online retail with a smile:
Kay Janes