Top 10 Con Artists That Ever Existed Listed by Wireobot

Wireobot research on top con artists, listing them in rank taking into consideration various factors, from which this data is compiled, in a list descriptive form, Wireobot writes about the top criminals that were perfect at their jobs so that even being a criminal the world remembers them.

Delhi, India, January 14, 2017 --( Wireobot writes about some top Cons, the top 10 cons of all time, from the very first Ponzi scheme to modern day NASDAQ's former Non-executive chairman, the company compiled a list of top 10 con artists of all time.

The article published on December 23 2016, has been recently updated on 13th January 2016. The writers of the article compiles data for over 200 years before publishing the article.

The editors of the company carried out extensive research using various sources, that are mentioned in the article at link ""

The viewers of the article will be able to comment for the articles, Wireobot also gives its viewers the facility to add their own articles, which are reviewed and added to the website.

The writes write about 10 people, some of them well known enough and some of them are relatively unknown con artists, most of the listed people belong to US and UK, as relatively larger scams are carried out in these areas.

Readers can have a look at the list by visiting the following link
Jim Jason