Roscoe Wins Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award, Again

The Roscoe Company has earned this prestigious award for 2016, seven years after having first won it in 1999.

Roscoe Wins Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award, Again
Chicago, IL, January 17, 2017 --( The Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award recognizes companies in the state every year since 1987 that demonstrate a commitment to reducing environmental impact and encouraging a more sustainable Illinois economy.

2016 Award Winners

The Roscoe Company is proud to have earned the 30th Annual Governor's Sustainability Award for its environmentally conscious work uniform rental service, Roscoe also won the award in 1999.

Other Governor's Sustainability Award winners for 2016 include Abbott Laboratories, AbbVie, Argonne National Laboratory, CDW, City of Naperville, ComEd, The Field Museum, Quaker Foods, and United Airlines.

"This is not an easy thing to get," said Kevin O'Brien, director of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC). "It takes a lot of work, there is a lot of screening and, frankly, there is a lot of competition for this award."

One Award, Six Achievements

Roscoe won the award based on six different achievements over the past year:

1. Roscoe dramatically reduced its solid waste from 60,000 gallons of liquid sludge to 78 cubic feet of de-watered waste annually, which was accomplished by modifying its wastewater pre-treatment process to use inert clay instead of ferric-chloride and installing a sludge filter press.

2. Roscoe eliminated 21,000 plastic bags annually by switching to reusable bags.

3. Roscoe reduced its water consumption from to 1.13 gal/lb. and BTUs from 2757 BTU/lb. to 1516 BTU/lb. on 6 million pounds processed annually (made possible by upgrading its equipment in 2009).

4. Roscoe reduced their annual consumption of natural gas by 10% by installing high-efficiency natural gas unit heaters.

5. Roscoe reduced their annual consumption of electricity by 8% by installing high-efficiency LED fixtures with motion sensors, which also increased lighting from 25 to 80 candles.

6. Roscoe was awarded the TRSA's Clean Green Certification in 2016, which recognizes commercial laundries that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation to protect the environment.

Future Sustainability for Roscoe

Looking to the future, Roscoe has two new projects in development to further increase its sustainability. The first focuses on solid waste reduction by de-watering liquid sludge, and the second involves additional water recycling. All of the above reflects its core culture centered on sustainability that started 95 years ago with recycling towels.

About The Roscoe Company

Known by many as The Chicago Work Uniform Company, The Roscoe Company has provided work uniform rentals, custom mats and restroom supplies since 1921. From automated sorting equipment to computerized garment tracking systems, Roscoe takes pride in helping its customers take pride in their company image, every day. Roscoe's steadfast commitment to preserving the environment, to give back to the communities in which they work, and to further technological innovation in the textile rental industry are all part of Roscoe's mission to serve its customers to the best of its abilities.
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