Innova Research Launches China Innovative Partners Service

Shanghai, China, January 19, 2017 --( Innova Research announced today the launch of the “China Innovative Partners Service.” The service aims to help Innova Research’s global clients on finding and selecting technology partners and investment partners from a huge number of Chinese technological companies, as well as to provide clients with the latest information on market sizing and forecasting, government policy changes, among others, in emerging technology fields, including but not limited to advanced materials, advanced electronics, renewable energy, green building, energy harvest and storage, among others, in China.

China has become an important part of the global innovation community. Billions have been invested by both the Chinese government and enterprises to support the R&Ds and other innovative activities, which successfully made China the largest IP generating country in the world. Moreover, commercialization of the emerging technologies has been strongly supported by the Chinese government and venture capital investors, resulting in the establishment of tens of thousands of technological companies across the country.

The quality of the Chinese innovations has also been improving, along with the growing R&D capability of the research teams in top Chinese universities and research institutes, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the CAS (Chinese Academy of Science). A large number of overseas returnees from top universities in the US, UK, EU, Japan and other developed countries have brought in an additional stream of cutting-edge technologies to China. The influxes make China an ideal place for technology scouting, partnering, and acquisition, not to mention the potential to tap into the huge and diverse Chinese market.

While the lure of the Chinese market is nearly irresistible, corporate VCs (CVCs), venture capitalists (VCs), and decision makers in corporate R&D often find it difficult sifting out the right technology partners and investment targets from the huge technological company base in China without costing a great deal of resources and time. With years of experiences in technology scouting and market research, Innova Research offers the China Innovative Partners Service as a cost-effective alternative to speed up the technology scouting and investment target selecting processes for clients.

Richard Jun Li, Vice President of Innova Research commented, “China has a unique innovation ecosystem and hosts a huge number of technological companies. Innova Research assesses the technological companies on their technology value, the management team, the business growth potential and the market environment, answers the questions such as what clients will gain from these companies and what make these companies unique from the others. Moreover, the China Innovative Partners Service will screen potential technology partners and investment targets in a customizable way, by giving clients the option to focuses on emerging technology fields they choose.”

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