Swan-Matic Offers New Press Capper

Swan-Matic, a bottle capping equipment manufacturer has launched a new push on style capper to its product line.

Erie, PA, January 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Swan-Matic, a bottle capping equipment manufacturer, has designed a new electric capper that has been added to their line of benchtop cappers. The C900 Heavy Duty Electric (HDE) Capper was originally designed to crimp beer caps, but is well suited for many other small to mid-production runs. The Bopper HDE is optimal for press-on cap applications including pharmaceutical and medical bottles, beauty and household product snap caps, paint lids and wine corks.

Swan-Matic Project Manager Sean Parker is excited about the launch of the Bopper HDE. “With the surge in micro and nano breweries in the last few years, we’ve received a lot of inquiries as to whether our benchtop cappers could crimp beer caps,” says Parker. “Our standard benchtop cappers weren’t designed for crimp caps, so we decided to design a capper that would meet the needs of our customers. Our in-house engineers designed a machine that could efficiently handle a beer cap but would also serve a wide variety of other industries as well,” explains Parker.

The C900 can run up to 55 cycles per minute and permits a load rating of up to 1,000 pounds. It offers a unique design that is moisture resistant and can be custom powder coated to customer specifications. The C900 requires no maintenance and its simple operation features an adjustable design that can handle a variety of bottle heights. Pneumatic versions are also available.

“We’re very pleased with the Bopper HDE,”adds Parker. “It is a durable and reliable piece of equipment with the end user in mind.” Swan-Matic specializes in handheld and bench-top cappers for small to mid-size production runs. A variety of handheld and bench-top cappers make up this product line along with aluminum driver shells and renewable rubber, vinyl and urethane inserts.

Swan-Matic is a division of Automation Devices Inc. specializing in a full line of tooled and un-tooled vibratory feeders and components. They are located in Fairview, Pa. They can be contacted at 814-474-5561 or view Swan-Matic products at www.swanmatic.com.
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