Six Top Topics from Visitors to Learning Technologies Exhibition

St Albans, United Kingdom, February 10, 2017 --( The Forum Partnership and its subsidiary, CloudQast, reported high levels of interest in their offerings at the recent Learning Technologies event, in London.

“This interest focused around six topics,” revealed Damian Gaskin, a director of both companies.

In order of "popularity" with visitors to the Learning Technologies event, these topics were:

1. The most effective and efficient ways of publishing these visitors’ own learning materials.
2. Using professional actors in face-to-face role play, especially for sales and management development activities.
3. Finding – and using – effective online interactive video for learning and development (L&D) activities.
4. Finding personalised video for learning, and learning management, purposes.
5. Reaching remote workers effectively – via online learning materials
6. Wanting help with the entire video-based learning process.

“Those looking for the most effective and efficient ways of publishing their own learning materials, included L&D specialists from the corporate world but there were also individual consultants enquiring about this,” revealed Damian. “Everyone who talked to us about this topic said that they’ll need help in recording and distributing these learning materials – which, thankfully for them, we can provide.”

“The Forum Partnership and CloudQast can help with all these six key topics,” added Damian’s fellow director, Lindsey Mack.

“It was interesting that the topic of face-to-face role play was the second most important topic for visitors to our stands at the show,” he said. “Maybe this shows that L&D professionals value a blend of learning delivery methods – not just using online learning technologies to deliver learning.”

“The Forum Partnership and CloudQast has a well-established business in running complex training programmes involving casting and scripting role-plays,” Lindsey continued. “One of the benefits of using immersive role play is that, once a role play is ended, the ‘clients’ come out of character to give the delegates detailed feedback on how they felt that things went – and CloudQast can also film the sessions to help in analysing the delegates’ performance.”

“From our point of view, it was encouraging that personalising video is a key topic for L&D professionals – since that’s a key feature of the CloudQast platform,” observed Damian. “The platform not only personalises learning videos for individual learners, it also notes which people have watched which parts of the video – which, in particular, can help with compliance and regulatory learning.”

The Forum Partnership helps its clients develop effective communication skills - by creating co-ordinated, immersive, team-based educational experiences. This can involve combining actors, video, live streaming, coaching, feedback, challenging case material and realistic scenarios in an award-winning venue.

Its subsidiary, CloudQast helps those wanting to use learning technologies to develop and deliver fast, authentic, precise and inspiring effective leadership communication, along with other L&D topics - especially, in the fields of compliance and regulation. CloudQast provides solutions for leaders to share their ‘voice, mind and vision’ and, so, engage and inspire their people.

About The Forum Partnership
Established in 1997, The Forum Partnership has clients in the worlds of business, the professions and the public sector. It helps them gain bottom-line benefits from greater staff engagement, more focused messaging and reduced waste via such things as:

· practising sales pitches and key one-on-one conversations
· supporting key management functions and developing high flyers’ client experience via improvised scenarios
· improving change management effectiveness by ensuring staff appreciate key messages

The Forum Partnership is the parent company of CloudQast. Established in 2010, CloudQast addresses organisations’ needs for fast, authentic, precise and inspiring communication – especially in the fields of leadership as well as compliance, along with learning and development. Working with companies around the world, primarily – but not exclusively – via Cloud-based, interactive video, CloudQast provides creative, intelligent and flexible solutions for leaders to share their ‘voice, mind and vision’ and, so, engage and inspire their people.

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