RationalPlan 4.15 – Microsoft Project 2016 Integration and Projects Dashboard Gets Out of Beta

Craiova, Romania, February 16, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Starting with RationalPlan 4.15 the Projects dashboard for the web client is out of beta, the process of adding resources was simplified and the performance of Timesheet view was improved. Additionally it was added the possibility to read Microsoft Project 2016 files and more.

RationalPlan started as an easy to use and straightforward project management software but it evolved into an embedded and powerful system that is now available even as a project management cloud service both for individuals and for companies that need a distributed solution with concurrent access from multiple users.

Important changes for this version
For the online and server side segment:

Projects dashboard is out of beta
Simplified process for adding resources
Performance improvements for Timesheet view

For the On-Premise products:

Added support for MS Project 2016 files
Updated to Dropbox API 2.0
Introduced week numbering since project start
Added task highlighter in Portfolio view
Send assignments by email only for currently selected project
Bug fix for computing the critical path
Bug fix for daylight saving time

After a prolonged period of testing, even on customers side, the Projects dashboard is out of beta. This means the web-based interface for managing projects and resources is stable and users can now safely use it as a complementary solution to the Planner+ client. For those that do not need all the advanced planning features of the Planner+ client and just require a lighter interface, the Projects dashboard is the right choice. Even more this offers the advantage of concurrent access from multiple users at a more granular level. Each change a user makes is saved automatically and the interface gets updated to all the other users in real time.

The current version comes with an improved Timesheet view: resource overallocation is only computed on request and then cached for a faster rendering and a more responsive behavior. It gets updated only when a change occurs that may potentially affect the resource work distribution. At the same time the process for adding resources was simplified to be more user friendly.

RationalPlan added support for opening Microsoft Project 2016 files. Users can now easily import their projects to either view or edit them.

Other functionalities where implemented at users requests. It was added the possibility to set weeks numbering (in Gantt chart view) to begin from project start. Colors for projects are now also used in Portfolio to offer a better overview of their status – since users set different colors for various meanings. Assignments are now sent by email only for the currently selected project and not for the entire portfolio to improve communication and reduce clutter.

Products from RationalPlan suite include:
RationalPlan Single Project – an alternative to Microsoft Project and the perfect solution for novice or accidental project managers
RationalPlan Multi Project – project management software for multiple projects, projects that are interconnected through dependencies and share common resource
RationalPlan Project Viewer – free project management software viewer, the solution for anyone (from project stakeholders to team workers) to view projects details
RationalPlan Project Server – a centralized place to manage the company’s projects while offering concurrent access to different users

About Stand By Soft
Stand By Soft was founded in 1997 as a software company specialized in building desktop applications and components. RationalPlan is a project management solution that follows the general recommended guidelines from project management domain. MOOS Project viewer is a Microsoft Project viewer that allows users to open, view in a dynamic way and print any Microsoft Project file.
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