Ares ArgoERP Receives 12 IFRS Certificates by Taiwan Government

Taipei City, Taiwan, March 11, 2017 --( Ares International Corp., the only publicly-listed ERP software company in Taiwan, is awarded Certificate of Registration as a Professional Service Organization by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) for IFRS solutions and services.

Frank Lin, president of Ares, stated that Ares continuously pursues excellence and innovation to provide the best quality products and services. It is their honor to be certified with 12 services of ERP system implementation, report information application system implementation, and software design and development related services.

IF1 Enterprise resource planning system implementation

1.1 Accounting system purchase or replacement
1.2 Parallel increase in accounting system
1.3 Accounting system version upgrade
1.4 Accounting system customization
1.5 Accounting system function modules expansion

IF3 Report information application system implementation

3.1 Application of consolidated financial statements
3.2 Cost and profit management report function application
3.3 Budget planning and organization function applications

IF4 Software design and development

4.1 XBRL financial reporting format transfer software
4.2 Parallel report software
4.7 Fixed assets depreciation management software
4.8 Sales or income recognition management software

Ares ArgoERP sales manager Dean Tsai pointed out that ArgoERP IFRS has highly flexible management system, which satisfies enterprises’ business diversification operational strategies, further saves manpower costs, enhances operational speed, and reduces future adjustments and errors on the reports. ArgoERP not only helps enterprise to reduce operational impacts while adopting IFRS, also better enhances the competitiveness, and steals a march on competitors.

Ares ArgoERP IFRS solution has four major countermeasures: 1. Report conversion: convert bookkeeping information to reports followed by the designated currency, exchange rate, account and format. 2. Multiple account ledger: entry adjustment and saves separate entry for adjustment. 3. Heterogeneous system integration: the system platform can integrate different ERP systems under a business group into the group general ledger management system through the exchange interface import and conversion mechanism. 4. Financial report consolidation: consolidate the report workflow, and provide a standard operating process for the customer as a guidance to operate the system.

The professional ArgoERP team can assist customer’s system to go-live quickly, which can satisfy manufacturing industry, construction industry, trade circulation industry, and service industry and other IFRS standard operating procedures applications and practical skills.

Ares has a strong ERP consultant team, with accumulative ERP implementation experience in various industries, along with the knowledges of IFRS in Taiwan in the past years, ArgoERP IFRS solution is flexible to accommodate different industry. With thorough understanding of IFRS’s impacts on each department’s workflow and solutions for reorganization and improvement, doubtlessly ArgoERP is the best solution to accommodate for all the industries and business groups.

About ArgoERP
Ares is the only listed ERP software company in Taiwan. ArgoERP modules have underlying architecture applied flexibly and built-in standard functions, so it could be adjusted to fit different characteristics of industries, such as traditional, construction, chemistry, production, and service industry, to improve the business process and the efficiency of overall resource utilization in the most economical way. It is applicable to multi-company, multi-factory, multi-currency, multi-profit center and multi-program management and is sufficient to meet the demand of enterprises in the international competition.

To cope with the policy that the domestic listed companies should adopt IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) accounting system, Ares has launched its IFRS solution. Being the first government-acknowledged ERP supplier, Ares has accumulated many successful IFRS cases. Elastic solutions, including the complete system replacement and the combination of different general ledger systems or reporting tools, are also provided to save human costs, lift operating speed, reduce errors and adjustment range of the statements in the future. The implementation of IFRS corresponding solution could help enterprises not only decrease the affection of the operation side, but enhance more competitiveness for them to seize opportunities. Ares recently won eleven certificates for IFRS from Taiwan’s Ministry of Commerce of Taiwan government.

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About Ares
Ares has provided professional services for over 36 years, and is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Ares is a professional manufacturing management information system provider, with top Manufacturing Execution System (MES) maker for LED industry in Taiwan, and the first government-acknowledged IFRS ERP solution provider. Ares is also the top player of the Taiwan foreign exchange, core banking solutions, and is a SWIFT partner, while being the first Oracle partner in Taiwan. Ares eAresBank is acknowledged by international research institution Gartner, and self-developed ciMes becomes the only Taiwan MES solution acknowledged by Gartner. Ares launched ArgoERP in Thailand with Thai leading software company DataOne Asia of SVOA group, aiming to become the number one ERP in ASEAN markets.

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