New Stapleless Stapler Enhances Detectamet’s switch2stitch® Range

Detectamet’s new stapleless stapler for food manufacturers can securely stitch ten sheets without needing a metal staple. This reduces contamination that triggers the expensive recalls of food.

York, United Kingdom, March 16, 2017 --( The modern metal stapler appeared 80 years ago. It has been estimated that $20 million worth of staples were sold in the USA in 2012. That is the equivalent of 25 billion staples used in all applications.

Food contamination from metal is the most frequent physical contaminant and staples are the fourth most common metal source. To prevent this happening policies are applied that ban the introduction or use of staples in the food processing environment.

Detectamet has worked for a number of years through its switch2stitch® program to help food producers stay in control of the multipage documents necessary to instruct, advise and record food process activities. One click will secure the 10 pages with a cutter and folder that make the tabs to be folded into the slot in the paper.

The blue, green or red coloured staplers mean that they can be allocated to particular use or locations within a HACCP and HRPC Management System.

John Ireland, Detectamet International Sales Director explained that, “We are always mindful of the practical needs of the food industry and we are aware that good food safety practices can sometimes have unintended consequences.” He pointed out that, “Removing metal fastenings from gathered pages can send documents into a mixed up pile of panic, so at Detectamet we have gathered several products under our switch2stitch® program that removes the risk of contamination and retains the certainty of safe fastenings.”

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