New Company Adeptec Business Solutions Brings More Than 30 Years of Technological Experience to Custom-Tailored IT Solutions

New company Adeptec Business Solutions is set to revolutionize the corporate IT experience with its on-demand, custom-tailored outsourcing model.

Buffalo, NY, March 16, 2017 --( New company Adeptec Business Solutions is set to revolutionize the corporate IT experience with its on-demand, custom-tailored outsourcing model. The company, which is now accepting new clients, was created to be a vital resource for small- to medium-sized businesses that would rather not take on the complicated process of creating an internal IT department.

“We realize that having an IT professional ready to answer questions and find solutions is a non-negotiable requirement of doing business in today’s world,” said co-founder Robert Roy. “But providing office space, a departmental structure, benefits and other necessities to a full-time employee, especially when you’re a small business that may not even have other employees on staff yet, is a burden many companies struggle to bear. We believe we’ve found a solution that puts IT professionals at the disposal of small business owners without added stress.”

Adeptec Business Solutions offers an impressive range of services in three packages that allow companies of all sizes to choose the level of assistance that meets their highly individualized needs.

“We don’t want to leave anyone behind. We’re worked hard to create options that make the services we offer available to companies of all sizes and in all stages of business development,” said Roy. “We also offer a free IT analysis and quote — a full hour of assessment and consultation — to make sure business owners get the IT solution that suits them best.”

The free consultation includes a phone conference to gather information on the requesting business’s current IT infrastructure, such as number of computers, users, office equipment, and more.

The managed services packages offered by Adeptec — in three tiers labeled bronze, silver and gold — all include a 12-hour non-emergency response time, IT consulting services, Office 365/Google G Suite, remote monitoring, antivirus system health monitoring and cloud-based backups.

The silver level lowers the non-emergency response time to four hours, adds active directory services, access restrictions and data loss prevention, along with database hosting and file sharing, and many other benefits. With the gold-level plan, non-emergency response time is reduced to four hours, and additional benefits include network services integration, network traffic monitoring and site-to-site and removed access VPN.

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The company, formed in late 2016 and headquartered in Buffalo, New York, was born from a desire to help others and to fill a hole in the IT service market.

“Small businesses shouldn’t have to go without a vital service, simply because none has figured out an agile way to provide what they need,” said Roy. “We’re trying to treat people the way we’d like to be treated — as individuals, with companies that have unique IT needs, by providing an equally unique solution, not one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter options.”

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