LiceDoctors Lice Removal Service Reports Rise in Incidence of Head Lice in Alabama

Families in Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama and neighboring areas are facing incidences of head lice. Leading lice treatment service, LiceDoctors, reports that there has been a rise in the incidence of lice in the state. Increasing resistance from the bugs to chemical treatments and easing of school lice policies are contributing causes to the increase according to a spokesperson for LiceDoctors.

Birmingham, AL, March 16, 2017 --( As with most cities across the country, Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama have had to deal with head lice. In fact the incidence has been rising much to the chagrin of many parents including Missy J. from Talladega who says, "Every year a few kids in my son's grade come to school with lice. This year, we had the misfortune to pick up a case."

LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service owner, Karen Sokoloff, says that they have been treating families in Alabama, including in the Birmingham and Montgomery areas, for many years and are often recommended by doctors and school nurses as well as by former clients. The company is growing significantly as it has such a strong history and high success rate of eradicating lice.

"We have a combination of strengths that is behind our growth," says Sokoloff, "First, and most important, is our treatment protocol. We use all-natural treatment plans that are backed by our on-staff medical doctor, Dr. Stephen Beck. In addition, we have an unmatched track record of successfully getting rid of lice in 300,000 clients. Our expert technicians know how to identify and remove the lice and nits as well as to offer emotional support to parents and children who are stressed by the experience. Keep in mind that nits camouflage in the hair and if you do not remove them all, the remaining ones will eventually hatch. Third, we offer the ultimate in convenience, privacy, and flexibility by making house calls. Families comment to us all the time that they love that they don't have the hassle associated with driving kids to a salon and possibly running into someone they don't want to see. In addition, when we finish treating one child, he or she is free to return to his or her regular need to wait for little sister to be treated."

Sokoloff went on to discuss other aspects of LiceDoctors that are helpful to clients and that ensure high customer satisfaction. "We offer a guarantee that our treatment plan is effective. We are out in the field every day; we know what works and doesn't work. In addition,we have the solid reputation and experience associated with a national company combined with the personalized care of a local outlet. We are not someone who put out a shingle yesterday because her kids had lice last week. We have been around for years and we are here to stay and to help you with any follow-up questions."

The incidence of head lice will likely continue to increase speculates Sokoloff. "Between growing resistance among lice to chemical remedies and increasing leniency in school lice policies which are now allowing children with nits to return to school, the chances of a child being exposed to and contracting lice will continue to grow."

Missy, the mom from Katy, confirms this. "I talked to some other moms from my son's class and they too have faced this problem of head lice in their families or know many others who have. Head lice don't seem to be going away. I'm glad I found LiceDoctors before I subjected my son to chemicals, which I now learn often don't even work!"

For further information on LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service in Alabama in Montgomery call 334-557-1458 and in Birmingham, call 205-598-2117 or go to LiceDoctors is open 365 days a year and makes house calls day or night. The company has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Wendy Beck