Improving Safety and Efficiency with Detectamet’s New Detectable Safety Knives

Five new safety knives from Detectamet are made using special plastics detectable by metal and X-ray detection systems in the food industry. The designs are good for special cutting applications to improve user safety and efficiency.

York, United Kingdom, March 24, 2017 --( It is axiomatic that using the right tool for the job is a basic requirement for efficiency and safety in the workplace. Over the past three months Detectamet has introduced five new safety knife designs to its range of eighteen safety knife products that incorporate its unique detectable plastic.

Detectamet detectable plastic can be identified in food by metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems that reject the food before it is sent to customers and reduces the risk of expensive recalls.

“We have had reports from customers that the opening of packs and sacks of ingredients can be a serious source of plastic contamination,” said Jon Ireland, Detectamet’s International Sales Director. “This can occur when the wrong knife is used for a particular job, or the right knife is used but used incorrectly.”

The new designs cover several tasks. One is a simple ring mounted twine cutter that fits on the index finger and yet allows the hand to be free to lift and position the boxes, bales or sacks being handled and opened.

There is a multi-task cutter that can make work trouble free when used to cut through cardboard, pallet wrap, tape and sealed bags. Then a third knife is a simple beaked paper cutter and envelope slitter that like the previous two are designed to be disposable to avoid the safety risks when replacing blades.

A fourth detectable disposable knife called the Crab offers an ambidextrous cutting option. Two beaks face each other to direct the target material onto a left or right facing blade edge.

There is also a new knife that features a spring loaded blade retraction mechanism when the cut is complete. The detectable plastic mechanism includes an easy blade replacement function and sits securely within the stainless steel outer body.

All of the safety knives have been made using Detectamet’s blue detectable plastic for better visibility and reduced risk of recall of food. The Crab shaped knife is also available in Detectable red, green and yellow plastic to offer alternative colours to use within a HACCP coded working environment.

Detectamet’s new eight page Safety Knife Guide helps its customers to choose the right knife for the job and provides advice for their safe use. Email sales at for a free copy or for more information contact jon.ireland at
Derrick Blunden
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