SKIN46 Creators of the First Biogenic Tattoo Ink Made of a Loved One's Human or Animal Material Celebrate Doing 1st Tattoo

Memorial tattoos are more popular than ever. Swiss company SKIN46 have taken the memorial tattoo to new heights, creating the world's first biogenic tattoo ink made from human or even a pet's hair. Taking the project to the next stage SKIN46 recently announced the first tattoo with the ink has been done, on the company's founder Andreas Wampl, in an exciting and historic session.

Buchs, Switzerland, March 23, 2017 --( Innovative Swiss company SKIN46, pioneers who have invented the world's first ink that includes a loved one's human or animal material so they can be kept under the skin and honored forever, recently made a breakthrough announcement. In a special event, with tattoo celebrities, media and the company's core present, SKIN46’s tattoo artist “DyDy” Gassner, successfully did the first tattoo using the ink on SKIN46's Founder Andreas Wampl. Wampl chose to use SKIN46 ink made with his children's hair infused and by all accounts, the tattoo looked great, wasn't any more painful than any other similar tattoo and healed perfectly. This represented a very important milestone being crossed by the visionary company who are now moving forward with real momentum to come to market.

“I invented the SKIN46 ink and now I really have my kid's, my daughter and my son, under my skin,” commented Wampl. “I can now carry them with me permanently. I know this is something that will interest many people both inside and outside the tattoo world. We can't wait to see what the bright future holds for our growing company.”

Count among the very excited some of the world's best tattoo artists who will be releasing testimonials both from themselves and the people who they tattoo with SKIN46 ink very soon. The name reads like a who's who of the A-list artists of the tattoo world.

To help speed up production of SKIN46 ink the company is examining which crowdfunding platform best suits their needs and plans a second quarter 2017 launch of their crowdfunding effort. Those inside and outside the company familiar with the tattoo scene expect it to be a breakthrough success.

Makani Terror, a well know model in the international tattoo world and spokesperson for the company SKIN46, remarked, “This is like a memorial tattoo, but takes it to the next level. This is better than the best black ink created before thanks to our new technology. This will definitely be a big success.”
Andreas Wampl
twitter: @skin46ink