New FDA-Registered Computer Eyewear Reduce Digital Eye Fatigue and Risk of Macular Degeneration

Introducing Splendenti Eyewear

Chicago, IL, April 07, 2017 --( The average American spends over 10½ hours every day in front of a digital screen.* While devices like smartphones, laptops and iPads have, in many ways, made our lives easier and more productive, prolonged use of these electronics have also been linked to numerous health issues ranging from a rise in obesity** to headaches, digital eye fatigue, macular degeneration, dry eyes, and insomnia. However, thanks to a new eyewear company, vision issues related to electronics usage can be mitigated.

Founded in 2016, Splendenti Eyewear is a line of eyewear and accessories that provide protection against the harmful Blue and UV light emitted from electronic devices. These FDA registered glasses are specially engineered to reduce digital eye strain while increasing contrast, comfort and focus. When worn regularly, Splendenti’s lenses help protect your eyes against vision problems including, Digital Eye Fatigue, Macular Degeneration, Sleep Disruption, and Computer Vision Syndrome (a cluster of problems that include blurred vision, headaches and watery eyes.)

Available in 7 different styles, Splendenti’s chic, designer glasses are available without a prescription and can be worn in conjunction with contact lenses. For those who already wear glasses, Splendenti will soon offer a clip-on version that offers the same benefits as the original design plus a larger field of vision for seeing your digital devices more clearly.

Electronics & Your Eyes
Melanin in your eyes plays an essential role in protecting them against damage. Melanin filters harmful light, reduces glare, increases contrast & sharpness and protects sensitive retinal tissue. Your body naturally works to maintain the eye’s original supply of melanin, but as you age, this valuable pigment is gradually depleted. By the age of 40, your body has lost approximately 15% of its melanin, by age 50 this can increase to a 25% loss. Over time, the gradual loss of melanin, together with continued exposure to harmful light, can cause retinal damage and eventually limit the eye’s natural ability to reduce glare and maintain sharp contrast.

Splendenti lenses can help mitigate the loss of the body’s melanin by filtering the wavelengths of high energy visible (HEV) light in proportion to their capacity to damage retinal tissue. Splendenti lenses feature 7 coatings of protection including 100% UV, blue light, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-screen flicker and anti-fog, which effectively filter and block light that would otherwise cause reflection and light scatter within your eye. This protection significantly reduces glare and increases visual contrast, providing you a better overall visual experience.

Priced between $47.88 - $52.88, Splendenti eyewear is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, comes with a one year warranty and can currently be shipped to all 50 states. Authentic Splendenti eyewear products are currently only available through the official Splendenti website and

For more information, including the science behind Splendenti Eyewear please visit or contact SCPR. High resolution images are available upon request.

* – July 2016
**NBC News – August 2012 / Medical Daily – July 2013
Splendenti Eyewear
Samantha Crafton