Redvue Systems Markets DIY Server Appliances to SMB

Fremont, CA, April 13, 2017 --( Redvue Systems of Northern California markets a family of DIY self-host data servers expressly designed for small businesses that wish to keep company data private.

SMARTOffice “self contained” micro servers are for organizations without a lot of IT knowledge or want to reduce IT workload. Appliance concept of these products simplifies an otherwise complex subject matter. Three products are offered, each addressing a different area of SMB data protection need. Each product performs 1 application as in an “appliance.” The built-in software simplifies management tasks. Everything is done with a click of the UI starting from installing the product to configuring complex setups like remote replication or local mirroring. All system management functions are predefined for the user into clear and easy to follow “wizard” buttons and with diagrams.

The hardware is modular and all-inclusive. Users don’t have to worry about adding or changing any hardware component. Even the crucial UPS (uninterruptable power supply) is built-in to “ride out” power blackouts so SMARTOffice system won’t stop abruptly while performing its tasks. Hard disk storage is matched to the application and office model to assure it will last for many years.

Three appliances are offered to solve different areas of need.

To continuously archive all company computers, use SMARTOffice CDP.

To share files and access from anywhere among employees, use SMARTOffice PFS.

To host your own email server, use SMARTOffice SES.

All three appliances ship with the “wizard” feature to manage and expand system capability.

Learn more at:
Redvue Systems
Johnny Tseng
408 318 0583