Business Investment Opportunities: oPetrol Oxy-Gasoline Torches

If you are looking for new business investment opportunities, to establish your own business or to extend your present business line, oPetrol may be one of the best choices. The company’s products, oxy-gasoline and oxy-kerosene torches, outperforms acetylene or propane torches in everyway. It has a bright future in a huge market and offers unique business investment opportunities.

Beijing, China, February 24, 2006 --(PR.com)-- oPetrol oxy-liquid fuel torches attracted wide attention on the Industrial Equipment Fair. oPetrol claims that its products will replace acetylene and offers global business investment opportunities.

Yokokawa corporation, oPetrol’s Japanese distributor, presented cutting torches, welding torches and blowing torches on the Fair.

“Where an acetylene torch cuts, oPetrol cuts better; where an acetylene torch has difficulty, oPetrol torch goes on. Compared to acetylene, oPetrol is safer, much more economical, environmental friendly and convenient," said Flora Miao, the President of oPetrol.

oPetrol gives unique business investment opportunities to the entire world. In Japan. A cylinder of acetylene costs about $100 when 3 liters of gasoline costs only $3. Compared to gasoline, acetylene torch is burning your money.
Acetylene has been used in steel cutting and other heat treat operations for many decades. Acetylene is very hazardous and energy costly. It is also notorious for its pollution. An alternative to acetylene torches oPetrol oxy-liquid fuel torches are environmentally friendly. Acetylene is only 70% oxidized while gasoline is 100% and leaves little contamination.

“oPetrol cutting torch cuts everything an acetylene torch cuts and has all the strength of an acetylene cutting torch in performance. It cuts fast and clean. The heat affected zone is smaller compared to acetylene cut. On top of it, oPetrol torch cuts multiple layers through air gaps, dust and dirt,” said Flora.
Fuel availability is another unique feature of such liquid-fuel torches. Regular gasoline from any gas station can be used as fuel. 3 liters of gasoline cuts as much steel as 7kg acetylene which is stored in a cylinder usually over 100kg. Kerosene can also be the fuel.

This unique technology may prove to be one of this century’s most promising business opportunities because it could replace acetylene and very well revolutionize flame cutting, welding and other heat treat tools. This business investment opportunities is extremely good in countries like Japan where acetylene is very expensive and energy saving is well promoted.

“The market size is huge. 20% of the global steel production needs flame cutting. The applications are in all industrial sectors such as shipbuilding & demolition, Farm Shops, Scrape Yard, Machinery Works, Steel Mills, Mines, Fire Rescue, Glassware Mills, Marble Mills, Car Reparation, Construction, Tube and Pipe," said flora.

oPetrol torch is an ideal tool for metal work hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, reparation shops, demolition projects operators, metal scrap yards, street rod chassis builders, machinery works, and others who care about either of the 3 strengths of an oxy-gasoline torch: portability, fuel cost economic, and fuel availability.

Started 3 years ago, oPetrol has developed its distributors in Japan, the USA, some Central American an African countries. oPetrol is offering its business investment opportunities to investors all over the world.

To obtain further information, interested parties are encouraged to visit the company’s website at http://www.opetrol.com.

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