Build a Brand for Success with Advertising Expert Robert A.B. Sawyer on the Moment Masters Podcast

Shakira M. Brown a.k.a. The Small Biz Whisperer talks small business branding and advertising with expert Robert A.B. Sawyer on the Moment Masters Podcast.

Hamilton, NJ, July 19, 2017 --( In episode 31 of the Moment Masters Show Small Business Podcast ( advertising and branding expert Robert A.B. Sawyer shares his advice, “Uncovering Brand Positioning.” In this episode, the show’s host, award-winning PR and branding expert Shakira M. Brown a.k.a. The Small Biz Whisperer, talks with advertising and branding genius Robert A.B. Sawyer. The conversation covers how branding is not defined by the business, but more so by its customers. This podcast episode streams free on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Podbean and among others, where you can also subscribe to receive all the latest episodes. Check out the podcast episode here:

“A brand is not a logo, it’s not a tag line or a color palette. But all these things can be brought together to create the information a consumer needs to form, in their mind, a brand,” said Sawyer. “The biggest mistake most companies make is to think they create the brand. They put together a positioning and consumers consider it a brand. The idea of the brand is always in the mind of the consumer.”

In this episode, Sawyer shares experience from his impressive background in the world of advertising and branding, including work with some of leading advertising firms in the world like Ogilvy Mather, R/GA, Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubicam, and Ziccardi and Partners. He has helped shape brands including American Express, AT&T, DHL Asia, Hitachi, OTIS and Pepsi Cola Company among others. Sawyer and Brown discuss the importance of viewing your business as something fluid and dynamic that must be continuously monitored, leaving listeners with a clear understanding of what branding really is.

“How does the brand add value to the company over time, in such a way that it becomes part of the worth of a company when it comes to the business of getting sold,” asked Shakira. Sawyer recommended:
· Identify global and local dynamics that might affect your business in the next five years
· Know who you are, know your brand and why people are using your services
· Think about how you can monetize your brand
· Brainstorm similar companies who could use the tools your company offers

Sawyer is also the published author of two books, Kiss and Sell Writing for Advertising Redesigned and Rekissed and American Lullaby.

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