IOCMI Releases 2017 Innovation and Organizational Change Standards

The IOCMI, an international non-profit works with professionals around the world to set standards in innovation and organizational change. The need for doing this is to set a global benchmark in terms of terminology and taxonomy so as to create a common set of communication and measurement protocols within the industry. Today, The IOCMI Releases its 2017 Standards in Innovation and Organizational Change (IOC).

Palo Alto, CA, July 16, 2017 --( The Board of Directors of The Innovation and Organizational Change, Management Institute, The IOCMI, releases their international standards in Innovation and Organizational Change today.

Paul Wilson, founder and CEO says, "Highlights from the standards, includes a prescriptive aspect that 20% of the organization must be involved in innovation and organizational change in order to fully claim being innovative and capable in undertaking organizational change." He and his international board have over 900 years of experience in the subject, across 122 countries, fluent in 18 languages.

Wilson emphasizes, "The message is clear, innovation and organizational change starts at the top and cascades throughout the organization. The idea that a single department is responsible for the growth and survival of an entire organization was always the wrong idea."

The standards can be located and downloaded free at
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