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Boise, ID, February 16, 2008 --( Spring Cleaning Tips:

• Manageable Cleaning - Break a spring cleaning marathon into manageable segments. Rather than emptying every cupboard or removing every light fixture, clean one area or one room at a time. This way, if your enthusiasm wanes or you need to turn your attention elsewhere, the whole house will not be left in disarray.

• Safety First - Spring cleaning often requires climbing to new heights. Be sure to use a sturdy ladder - not a wobbly chair or stepstool - and keep long-handled cleaning tools handy to extend your reach. For instance, a flat mop with a clean microfiber pad is great for dusting walls from floor to ceiling.

• The Two-Bucket Method – Use the two-bucket method for heavily soiled surfaces to avoid transferring dirty water to the surface you are cleaning. Dip a clean sponge or cloth into one bucket with cleaning solution, clean an area, and then rinse the cloth in a second bucket with clean water. Repeat the process, changing rinse water as needed.

• The Wall Test - A quick swipe will help to determine whether your walls will benefit from a thorough cleaning or if they can wait another year. If you do not see a noticeable difference, simply spot-clean with a mild solution of dish soap and water (an inexpensive rubber sponge, often called a “dry sponge” or “chemical sponge,” available at many hardware stores, also works well for this purpose). A thorough dusting behind pictures and up near ceilings or vents is often all that is needed.

• Light Fixture Cleaning - Lay a washcloth on the bottom of a sink filled with warm (not hot) sudsy water. Rest the fixture on the bottom of the sink – rather than holding it in the air – to clean (this way, you’re less likely to drop it), rinse and then dry with a soft dishtowel.

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