New Floor Protection System for Public Toilets

Urinal Floor Mats introduce hygienic splash protection for floors.

Cumbria, United Kingdom, July 21, 2017 --( UK supplier and manufacturer Urinal Floor Mats have expanded their existing range of toilet and urinal splash-catching products to include a new floor protection system, the Toilet Mat. The new mats are designed to fit around both the base of a conventional toilet and the floor area under a urinal. The crescent shaped mats cover an area of 281 square inches and are designed for public toilets in service stations, venues, pubs & bars, airports and other high traffic toilet areas where floors can become marked and damaged by the acid in urine.

The latest addition to the Urinal Floor Mats range has been designed with a range of features aimed at tackling common challenges faced when maintaining hygiene in a public lavatory space. Features include fast absorption and odour neutralisation, leaving no residues or unpleasant smells during the product’s 8 week lifespan. The new floor mats are also recyclable, aiding in the sustainability of the product. The mats create a more pleasant environment by preventing puddles under both toilets and urinals.

Health and safety conscious venue operators may also note that by absorbing moisture from the floor, the new Toilet Mat reduces the chance of slips and falls in toilet areas. The mats are also backed with a non-skid surface to ensure that they stay put at all times whilst in use, avoiding any potential trip hazards.

The floor protectors achieve their absorption with the help of a new, specially designed polymer that is able to absorb over 100 times its weight in urine. Rather than pooling on the surface of the mat, any splashed liquid is absorbed as a gel inside the mat, then trapped within a sealed layer of plastic where the odour is neutralised. The design avoids feet placed on the mat from transferring moisture to the surrounding floor, thus preventing traces of urine from being walked into other areas of the building.

The new Toilet Mat is available in either black or grey. The mats are priced at £59.95 for one to nine units, or £49.95 for orders of more than ten. Greater bulk discounts are also available for orders of more than 25. At this price point, the new mats have been designed to offer cost savings over the regular cleaning required in public toilets in terms of both janitorial supplies and the time required to carry out cleaning.

Urinal Floor Mats are a specialist in toilet & urinal splash-catching technology based in Cumbria.
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