inWhatLanguage Introduces SMART Translation, Powered by Lilt

Lilt helps translation agencies optimize quality, speed and cost for multilingual content. inWhatLanguage uses innovative technology and a network of professional linguists to transcend language and cultural barriers.

Salt Lake City, UT, July 21, 2017 --( The translation agency inWhatLanguage took a step to improve the translation process by integrating with Lilt, an adaptive, interactive machine translation tool. This new Superior Machine Assisted Rapid Translation (SMART) feature is part of a larger translation management cloud called UNIFY.

Lilt operates within the hybrid translation process that uses automated machine translation to assist human translators. It uses the translation memory of the agency to predict word possibilities for the human translator, which optimizes speed, quality, and cost.

Although Lilt is a cloud-based software, all communications are encrypted to ensure data security. Additionally, Lilt designed the system so a person could learn all of the basics in five minutes or less.

SMART Technology uses real-time interactions to learn and adapt based on translation memory data and human feedback. Over time, the system provides a higher quality for automated translations and better recommendations for translators.

Translators use a threaded comment feature that allow them to edit and resolve comments, add clickable URLs, and keep the thread history to improve global communication. SMART Translation also implements proofreading features that include stylistic checks, spellchecking and spelling corrections.

This technology works hand-in-hand with inWhatLanguage’s UNIFY platform, which uses a centralized real-time translation memory. Clients and translators from all over the world can access the translation management cloud and everyone can see the changes in real time. UNIFY gives organizations the ability to create, control and manage all of their enterprise-wide content.

Part of the vision at inWhatLanguage is to provide organizations with an opportunity to reach global markets while still sounding local to the natives. This localization process will only get faster with Lilt technology so organizations can experience more efficient translations.
Seth Craven