Kenyon Launches Online Learning Center

Kenyon International Emergency Services has launched the highly anticipated Kenyon Online Learning Center (KOLC).

Bracknell, United Kingdom, July 22, 2017 --( Kenyon International Emergency Services is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Kenyon Online Learning Center (KOLC). Based on Kenyon’s practical experience, registered Team Members can now access online learning resources to help them form cohesive teams more quickly during deployments, as well as more fully understand the broader organization of a mass fatality response.

Clients partner with Kenyon because of their experience and dedication to caring for families. Team Members join Kenyon for the same reason, and now, through the KOLC, Kenyon can share even more of their experience, company culture and values with their Team Members prior to deployment.

“The courses are not meant to teach Team Members how to perform their unique skills, but rather prepare them to practice their already developed skills as part of the Kenyon approach to managing a mass fatality incident. In many incidents, Team Members will be working in response to highly publicized events that affect hundreds of survivors and victims’ families,” stated Team Member Manager Kathy Ricker.

The Kenyon Team Member network is unique, global and responsive. It is made up of nearly 1700 experienced professionals and experts in their fields. When crises occur, clients need to manage the response quickly and keep their business running. Kenyon Team Members strengthen their clients’ teams and give them the flexibility needed to take care of all the details. The KOLC was developed to educate registered Team Members on how Kenyon manages an operation and what to expect once deployed. To learn more about becoming a registered Team Member, visit

“With a consistently growing registry of Team Members globally, we are excited to be able to bring this specialized training to them in a convenient, cost-effective manner. Our clients can be assured that we are always improving and preparing for the next crisis,” commented Kenyon President Brandon D. Jones.

Kenyon’s close affiliation with remote group, their chosen partner to provide online training, places them in the unique position of providing excellent professional development opportunities for their global responders. Remote has trained thousands of people in numerous countries around the world. Learn more at

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Kenyon is the international leader in worldwide disaster management, providing pre-incident crisis planning and post-emergency response services on behalf of the world’s foremost companies. Privately owned, Kenyon remains the only firm in its business with a hundred year history, comprehensive resources, and experience in every type of mass fatality accident including aviation, industrial and natural disasters, war and terror attacks. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Kenyon has offices or facilities in Sydney, Australia; Bracknell, UK; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Beirut, Lebanon. Learn more at
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