Learn.si Proves Knowledge Can Be Free

Searching for quality learning content on the internet can be extremely cumbersonme, purchasing DVDs and ebooks over the internet to gain quality education can soon be incredibly expensive. Learn.si (http://www.learn.si) opens to provide free quality knowledge and education to all.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, February 25, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Internet users will now be able to learn everything from Arts, to Finance and Self Improvement in the large assortment of articles written by renowned and published authors worldwide. Distance learning has never been easier.

Combined with a user-friendly interface Learn.si has set out to be the world's foremost authority on educating people online. "Knowing that people benefit so greatly from this project really gives me the power to carry on with this project," says Domen Lombergar, Learn.si publisher.

"We want to make this a streamlined user experience where every word and every graphic is designed for maximum accessibility. We've spent a lot of time developing this project and now it has proven to be worthy of it's users."

Whether you are trying to learn to ride a bike, fix a tire or inspect the technology behind a tv set, Learn.si provides you with accurate articles about the subject making it a one-stop resource for any education needs.

Users can take use of a comprehensive search feature across the articles, new technologies such as rss feeds which allows you to "subscribe" to new content, related articles via keywords and much more.

Learn.si Online University (http://www.learn.si) is also open to authors with interesting and educational articles which fit into the website's 250 categories and want to improve their reach with article submission. "Let's make the internet a better place."

Learn.si Online University
Domen Lombergar