Anti-Spam Website Combats Spam with a Twist

Looking to help combat email spam? Anti-spam website brings a new system to the spam fighting crusade.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, February 25, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Internet users are very aware of the ever-increasing spam nuisance and the fact that displaying your email address on the internet can lead to vast amounts of spam email. E-mail harvesters, also known as "spambots", scout the web looking for websites with published e-mail addresses which they can store in their database to either send email to or resell to other spammers.

"Publishing your email address on a popular website or forum can result in literally hundreds of spam emails," says Domen Lombergar, SpamFighter publisher. "We took this idea and built SpamFighter."

SpamFighter is not a commercial product, but rather the website itself. It generates 60 supposedly working emails on every page, making the final count of thousands once the entire page is spidered by the harvester. This makes the database quickly unusable since the spammer is unable to separate the new emails from the others since all check out as working.

What gives SpamFighter its power is the support from webmasters from around the globe. "Imagine moving the saying 'All Roads Lead To Rome' to the global internet era," says Lombergar. "Every link dramatically increases the possibility of a harvester robot following it and filling the database with thousands of nonexisting, yet working emails."

But the SpamFighter website (http://www.lombergar.com/spamfighter/) isn't just an email generator. "We offer visitors helpful articles on protecting against spam written by expert authors worldwide and reviews of tools to help eliminate spam from your inbox."

"Hopefully by the end of this month we will also offer versions of the tool to put on your own website and contribute to the cause, but at the moment every link is appreciated", concluded Lombergar.

Spam Fighter
Domen Lombergar