The Playground Company Announces Impressive Growth

There are many ways in which a Company can analyse their success. It is only the most determined and driven Companies that take this a step further to drive continued future development. The Playground Company Ltd have spent a lot of time analysing their growth and are pleased to announce impressive all-round figures.

Cheshire, United Kingdom, August 03, 2017 --( The Playground Company Ltd is a Cheshire-based Company offering playground solutions for throughout Cheshire and the United Kingdom. Their drive for growth and success has seen demand for their services take them further afield in the recent months. This is further evidence to show that their marketing plan is having a true impact on their daily running and they are exceptionally proud to announce such growth.

This forms the basis of their analysis as since their re-launch earlier in 2016 they have taken on an adaptive and driven marketing plan. This has all been implemented with a focus on the customer service that they offer and their enthusiasm for offering an exceptional provision. Although each element of the plan has been driven forward forcefully, their customer focus has always remained at the forefront. This is proof of their commitment to their customer’s experience.

Their announcement of growth comes from their analysis of their website analytics. This shows evidence of traffic through their website amongst other factors. As a result, they are able to offer a comprehensive understanding of how people are using their site and how they are developing their customer base as a result.

Evidence shows that for a period covering the last thirty days compared to a period shortly after re-launch that there are a range of improved figures. These figures start with an increase in website sessions at over 18% with increased users at over 30%. These generic terms show growth but this is taken further by analysing the ways in which their viewers are using their website.

Clear evidence is used to support this in the growth of page views by nearly 59%. Their audience have increased the pages the view per session by nearly 34% which means that they are offering valuable content. This content is clearly providing information and detail that is interesting their clients. The underlying evidence that all of this is working to promote growth is their impressive deduction in bounce rate. This figure is stated at an improvement of nearly 98% which means that their website inviting to their captive audience and keeping their attention.

Martin Knipe, founder of The Playground Company Ltd commented:
“Over the last year we have invested heavily in growing our business. Part of this growth plan was an intensive and adaptive focus on our website and promoting it through various methods. We are exceptionally pleased to be able to announce such impressive statistics. We continue to drive the business forward and to provide information and a service that offers true value for our clients.”

Such ongoing goal-setting is admirable and worthy of accreditation. This Company will continue to monitor their success have already identified further ways in which they can capitalise on the success achieved.

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