Powerful Reverse and Forward Phone Search Service Formerly Only Available to Law Enforcement PhoneSearch.us Now Open to Civilian Use

Miami, FL, August 28, 2017 --(PR.com)-- All reverse and forward phone number and name search websites are not created equal. PhoneSearch.us is breaking the mold, offering customers the best service in the industry at very attractive price points.

While there are certainly thousands of phone number search websites, experts broadly agree, most offer basically the same level of unexceptional services, the same not-so-customer friendly payment policies and, when all is said and done, an overall disappointment to anyone seeking an above-the-bar experience. By all accounts powerful reverse and forward phone search service PhoneSearch.us is the exception to the rule. Recently announcing the website can now be used, not just by law enforcement officers and licensed Private Investigators, PhoneSearch.us has been winning quick praise for its thoroughness, the amount of detailed information it reveals, its ease of use and overall superiority to competing platforms and technology.

“After operating for quite some time as a resource strictly open to law enforcement agents and other accredited professionals, it became clear the general public could also get real value out of our technology and platform,” commented a spokesperson from PhoneSearch.us. “There's no need to sign up for monthly subscription services that don't deliver in the end. We challenge anyone who needs information on a phone number or needs to do a search on a name, to use us and experience the huge difference first hand. Seeing is believing.”

According to the company, in addition to the added power of their reverse and forward phone number and name search technology, it was also very important to them to set up their website to be as user friendly as absolutely possible. To achieve this goal searches are offered on a “low price per search” model of only $5, with no contracts required. The platform can also be accessed through a Google sign-in making the need to remember, yet another password, completely unnecessary.

Searches can be conducted by phone number, first and last names, filtered by city, states, user names and email addresses. Results can include, all in one, easy to read and understand report: names, addresses, names of relatives, phone numbers, email addresses and social media links.

Early feedback from “normal” users has been completely positive.

Michelle S., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “I tried one of the big names on a phone number and had to pay for something I already had from a two second Google search. A friend, whose brother is a P.I. suggested I try out PhoneSearch.us and for $5 they delivered real gold. To be honest it would have been worth ten times as much for me. This is the best reverse paid look up I've ever seen. Fully recommended.”

Visit http://phonesearch.us for more details now.
Richard Bruce