Rointe Heating Unveil New and Improved Heater, the New Kyros

Rointe efficient Heating launch their new product line with the new Kyros electric heater. It boasts easier control, more efficient use, and much much more.

London, United Kingdom, September 07, 2017 --( Introducing to the best KYROS ever made.

Now the Rointe KYROS is better than ever.

The R&D team at Rointe have introduced new access menus to facilitate easier function selection, installed 4 different settings to allow users to program their heating in a way that is faster and simpler fashion than ever before. Plus, Rointe are proud to announce that they be introducing a brand new energy saving mode under the name of "User Mode."

A look in more detail.

Access Menus
For this coming season, Rointe will be introducing the new Access Menus in each and every KYROS product. These menus have been designed using icons that can be easily recognised, which significantly improves the access to all its advanced functions.

Built in Programs to make use simple
All Kyros products by Rointe are now much easier to program. All products include 4 different pre-programming functions specially designed for the 4 most common lifestyles in our country. Users can now program their installation according to their daily heating needs by simply choosing one of the four options from the menu.

kyros effeciency
The new KYROS line comes with a new feature that shows users the relation between consumption, temperature, active programs and working time, using a three colour scale (red, yellow, and green) to allow users know the statistics and efficiency rating of their devices.

Depending on the colour shown on screen, it could mean “excessive” (red), “for revision” (yellow), or “efficient” (green).

User Mode
The brand new User Mode allows users to create new User Comfort or User eco Mode with custom high and low temperature limits, which can also be protected by a password. This function is perfect for hotels, hostels, housing associations and even universities, given that it allows them to establish their own customised temperature ranges (lower range: 20 ºC upper range: 22ºC, for example) using the User Comfort mode, which in turn helps decrease energy waste that comes from product misuse.

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