MakeShaper Teams Up with 3D Platform to Offer Industry’s First 6 mm Filament

MakeShaper, a NC-based 3D filament manufacturer, teamed up with 3D Platform to develop the world's first 6 mm filament for use in high flow extruders.

Sanford, NC, September 14, 2017 --( MakeShaper, a 3D filament and supply company based in North Carolina, collaborated with printer manufacturer 3D Platform to develop the industry’s first 6 mm filament for use in high flow extruders.

“3D Platform contacted us last summer to see if we had the capabilities to extrude a larger diameter filament to work on one of their high flow extruders in development,” said Erica Edwards, MakeShaper’s Sales Manager. “We were up to the challenge.”

“3D Platform spent the majority of 2016 researching ways to 3D print faster,” noted Jonathan Schroeder, President, 3D Platform. “During this time, we realized that making machines move faster would not enable printers to complete their jobs significantly faster as the true limiting factor of throughput is the melting of the filament. In order to create order of magnitude increases in throughput, we had to increase the wattage of our extruders. We then hit a roadblock as we could only feed the material so fast. In order to get more throughput, we had to use larger filament – which didn’t exist.”

He continued, “I knew that MakeShaper produces quality filament and they have the capabilities to make their own tooling and do special projects. When we contacted Erica and told her what we were up to, she was immediately on board. Not only did MakeShaper’s filament work great, but I was really impressed that it only took us days to get it, not weeks or months!”

Both companies attended the recent RAPID 3D event in Pittsburgh, with reporting “it was really exciting to see 3DP and MakeShaper’s novel solutions of faster, water-cooled extruders and 6mm filament to print bigger and faster.”*

“Many people know MakeShaper as a filament supplier, but perhaps don’t realize our specialized manufacturing options that include specialty filament formulations,” said Edwards. “A printer manufacturer had a need, and we worked together to find a solution. Development projects like this are one of the cornerstones that set us apart.”

The 6 mm filament is available in a wide range of materials and colors. Contact MakeShaper directly for more information about ordering.


About MakeShaper
MakeShaper is a team of scientist, engineers and creative professionals with a keen interest in the growing 3D community. MakeShaper is a subsidiary of Static Control Components. Static Control is the largest supplier and manufacturer for the aftermarket imaging industry. Outside of the imaging industry, it is known for its landmark ruling by the Supreme Court in Lexmark International v. Static Control, which established the legal right of the consumer to use non-OEM supplies in electrical devices.
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