Imani Lee, Inc. Continues Membership in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

Imani Lee, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has renewed its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact for 2017. This initiative is intended to link businesses together with the United Nations to work toward a sustainable, ethical global economy, built on its Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

San Diego, CA, September 30, 2017 --( Imani Lee, Inc. is focused on a variety of corporate projects meeting the UNGC’s thematic goals. Human rights and the environment are among the compact’s most important principles, and to which Imani Lee has been the most dedicated. The company is proud to work with environmentally responsible agricultural corporations such as Calavo Growers, Inc. and The Limoneira Company. In 2013, Imani Lee began working with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on its initiative to document the Kurdish Genocide, undertaking the task of translating previously classified, top-secret and secret government documents from Arabic into English related to the chemical attacks on the city of Halabja on March 16, 1988. The finished work was used to sponsor a congressional bill to recognize the act as genocide, a process that may seem arbitrary to some, provided recognition and healing to the victims and their families.

Today, Imani Lee is proud to be instrumental in the process of family formation via our work with San Diego County Child Services, Family Connections Christian Adoptions, Indie Law Group, Omega Family Global, Sol Cal Surrogacy, and Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services. Through this work, Imani Lee seeks to bridge the language divide and bring together “forever families.”

“Imani Lee is pleased to continue as a corporate member of the United Nations Global Compact,” said Bahar Martin, Vice President of Imani Lee, Inc. “With the new leadership and focus of the United Nations, we think the organization will have a renewed focus and global commitment to making the world a safer, cleaner, and more use-friendly environment. We look forward to continuing with the integration of the United Nations Global Compact leadership principles into our corporate culture and to creating a more sustainable and socially conscious world.”

“Imani Lee is pleased to continue as a corporate member of the United Nations Global Compact,” said Etta Martin, Board Member of Imani Lee. “The important focus of the UNGC is critical as more businesses continue their expansion into less regulated and underdeveloped international markets. Being able to adhere to, set the standards for, and deliver upon the processes and principals advocated by the UNGC is important for all globally focused corporations.”

About Imani Lee

Imani Lee, Inc. and Imani Lee Language Services have been serving the San Diego marketplace for almost 16 years. Since 2002, Imani Lee and its affiliate companies have been trusted by the federal government, state governments, various businesses, and some of the world’s fastest growing corporations. Imani Lee has worked with these companies to develop a suite of international expansion services, language services and distribution solutions. Imani Lee is a leading provider of:

-Language services including translation, interpretation, transcription, training, website development, website optimization, desktop publishing and role-playing. Imani Lee possesses in-house language experts in Arabic, Dari, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Chinese, Spanish and Urdu. In conjunction with its network of over 3,500 linguists, Imani Lee provides translation services in 150+ languages and dialects.
-International marketing services such as transcreation and foreign social media management
-Direct-to-consumer certification and notarization services
-Interpreting for conferences and business meeting which are delivered onsite or via the telephone
-Multilingual content and development
-Life sciences language services including multi-phase harmonization and validation
-International business localization and cultural training
-International strategic alliance and partnership consulting services
-International sales rollout and distribution of new and existing products and services
-Market entry strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) assessments
-Federal and civilian government distribution, sales, master agreement product and services inclusion and partnership services

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