The Maturity Institute Calls for the Redefinition of Corporate Purpose Using Total Stakeholder Value

The Maturity Institute (MI) today invites recognition for redefining corporate purpose using MI’s Total Stakeholder Value (TSV) and OM30 Measurement of Organisational Effectiveness.

London, United Kingdom, October 06, 2017 --( Paul Kearns, MI Chair said: "Our invitation has been sent to a wide range of business, professional and regulatory stakeholder groups to invite formal recognition and adoption of our principles and multi-disciplinary framework. Together, these form a new model of inclusive capitalism that demands a whole system approach to organizational leadership and management; with much greater emphasis on human governance, corporate culture and human capital."

“The OM30 measurement of Total Stakeholder Value is a valuable measure of the criteria that are most likely to deliver sustainable wealth creation. Ultimately, this wealth creation is what drives good outcomes for the providers of capital and for the economy and society.” - Daniel Godfrey (Founder, Peoples Trust and former Chief Executive, Investment Association)

"The OM30 provides a sharp reflection on the extent the corporation is true to its purpose. It is an invaluable tool for boards and executives who wish take a critical look on and improve their corporation's management in order to connect societal value and lasting economic success. Both OM30 and TSV are also complementary indicators to assess governance and cultural risk; and provide a framework to integrate into regulations and drive healthy cultures." - Filip Gregor (Head of Responsible Companies, Frank Bold, and Lead, Purpose of the Corporation Project)

See link here for document of MI’s full communique. For more information contact

About the Maturity Institute (MI)
MI provides a unique, evidence based approach to organizational health and the creation of Total Stakeholder Value. MI has created a new, revolutionary approach to organizational health by raising global standards of professionalism in organizational leadership and management practice. Our OM30 diagnostic instrument enables measurement and improvement of Total Stakeholder Value (TSV) created by organizations and provides ratings on OMINDEX: a comparative scale from D to AAA. Our work is multi-disciplinary and uses a whole system perspective, aiming to adopt the same level of evidence-based decision making to be found within the medical profession for human health.
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Redefining Corporate Purpose

Redefining Corporate Purpose

Redefining corporate purpose using Total Stakeholder Value (TSV) and the OM30 Measurement of Organisational Effectiveness