Duplication Media Preserves Memories Before Disaster Strikes

Video duplication and transfer service has been preserving memories since 2003.

Urbandale, IA, October 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Natural disasters have been causing a lot of destruction across the country recently. Specifically, hurricanes have been tearing through the nation, causing thousands to evacuate their homes and devastating the land that they pass through. Many people’s homes have been destroyed, along with some of their most prized possessions. Years and years of memories are lost in the process, such as their parents wedding on 8mm home movie film, their kids' first steps on videotapes, shoeboxes full of photographs covering more than a century of their family's history, and more. Duplication Media, a video duplication and transfer service company in Urbandale, Iowa, helps to preserve these precious memories before disaster strikes.

Jason Olson, the owner of Duplication Media, has spoken with customers who had boxes and boxes of family memories destroyed after natural disasters, including people in Texas who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"We hear the sadness in their voice and they always wish they would've preserved their memories before the disaster but nobody expects it to happen to them. An unexpected occurrence like a hurricane makes them wish they would've come to us sooner," said Olson. Duplication Media can transfer videotapes to DVD, hard drives, or the cloud. They also specialize in audio to CD transfers, photo scanning, film transfers, slide transfers and more.

September 2017 was the most active month on record for Atlantic Hurricanes. Olson has spoken with customers from multiple states that have been affected by recent hurricanes.

"I tell customers that it's easier to prevent than to cure. They need to get their old, outdated material converted to today's format, and it's a good idea to have backups made as well. That way they can keep a set of their memories at home and one at another location, such as their grandparents' house. Regardless, they need to preserve their memories before it's too late," said Olson. Technology is advancing rapidly, and one of the technological advancements that are utilized at Duplication Media is protecting cherished memories from natural disasters and prolonging their lifespan.

Started in September 2003, Duplication Media has over a decade of experience with preserving the cherished memories of their customers. Given the recent natural disasters, protecting those memories is more important than ever, and Duplication Media is the place to do it.

Duplication Media is a video duplication and transfer service company located in Urbandale, Iowa. In addition to video to DVD transfers, Duplication Media also specializes in CD & DVD Duplications, audio to CD transfers, photo scanning, slide transfers, film transfers, and more. Duplication Media has been serving the needs of customers since 2003.

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