LiceDoctors Eases Parents Concerns About Halloween Causing Spike in Number of Head Lice Cases

LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Service refutes claims made by some lice companies that Halloween carries the risk of spreading head lice through costumes and wigs. Lice do not like to leave the head and climb into inanimate objects. If they do, they will die within a few hours. Head lice are generally transferred through direct head to head contact.

Omaha, NE, October 18, 2017 --( LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service has been treating families for twenty years and assures parents that Halloween does not cause any significant rise in the incidence of head lice. LiceDoctors owner Wendy Beck says, "All of a sudden we are seeing articles warning parents to beware of kids' passing along lice through sharing of costumes. Lice are transmitted through direct contact between heads, and rarely through a vector like a costume. Parents in the Omaha area do not need to add Halloween to their head lice worries."

According to Beck, the chance of contracting a case of head lice from a piece of clothing is low because lice do not want to leave their source of food, blood in the human head, to go to an inanimate object where they will starve if they can not get blood within a few hours. Head lice have been around for hundreds of thousands of years; they are hearty and know how to survive.

Beck reports that holidays where families gather such as Thanksgiving do increase the odds of passing along lice infestations. Thanksgiving, on the other hand, comes and goes each year leaving in its wake a plethora of lice cases. The reason for that is simple: families gather for the holiday and if one person brings lice to the party, by the time the holiday is over several people may have it. Head lice are generally transmitted from head to head. If an infested person has lice and comes into contact with someone else, the bugs can crawl onto the head of an unsuspecting victim. You can imagine when a family is together for a few days, that there will be multiple opportunities for head lice to spread.
Wendy Beck