Audio Industry Giant SoundCloud is Now Syndicating Episodes of the "Reg.A Money Show" Podcast

The “Reg.A Money Show” radio podcast continues its climb as one of the best and most reliable sources of Regulation A+ information on the internet.

Las Vegas, NV, November 03, 2017 --( The “Reg.A Funding Group” announced today that their “Reg.A Money Show” radio podcast is now being officially syndicated on the SoundCloud platform, putting the Show in front of an enormous audience of literally over 175 million monthly radio listeners who may desire original information and content related to Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding.

As the world’s largest audio platform, SoundCloud lets people discover and enjoy the greatest selection of content from the most diverse creator community on earth. While being on the SoundCloud network certainly benefits the Show's audience reach in a huge manner, don't forget that the Reg.A Money Show is also currently broadcast over both the iHeartRadio Network and the Spreaker platform and is being syndicated on both iTunes for Apple, the Stitcher Mobile App, and on all Amazon Alexa devices as well. Millions of people use these platforms to listen to podcasts on almost any topic imaginable, and the Reg.A Money Show is one of the few that directly addresses equity crowdfunding with Reg.A+.

Said “Reg.A Money Show” producer and co-host Ron Costa, "Catching up with the latest Regulation A+ news and industry trends just got even easier – again! Being accessible via SoundCloud grows the number of potential listeners to the 'RegA Money Show' exponentially and should capture the interest of those in the Regulation A+ offerings industry who may want to sponsor or advertise on the show, which is quickly emerging as a 'must listen' to all those interested in issuing Reg.A paper or investors interested in participating in a company’s offering.”

About The Reg.A Money Show
The “Reg.A Money Show” provides information and Reg.A education from the founders over at the “Reg.A Funding Group” as well as market insights from a variety of industry experts who appear on the show as guests. The show is hosted by Ron Costa and Miguel Dotres, who bring a wealth of information in regards to Reg A+, SEC filings, social media marketing, and various other topics in an entertaining and informative format. The podcast is quickly emerging as a “must listen” to all those interested in issuing Reg.A paper or investors interested in participating in a company’s Regulation A+ offering.

About The Reg.A Funding Group
With years of experience in the capital markets and proven results with social marketing, the Reg.A Funding Group provides real world, effective Regulation A advisory services for startup, growth and acquisition financing, while specializing in helping companies raise money with Regulation A+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 crowdfunding offerings. The Reg. A Funding Group can be reached at 612-888-REGA or at
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