New Release of Intelligence-Soft Project Management System

Russian offshore software development company Intelligence-Soft has announced new release of its Project Management System.

St. Petersburg, Russia, March 01, 2006 --( Intelligence-Soft Project Management System is a web-based application, which incorporates planning, reporting and communication tools. System is intended mainly for the management of software development projects, especially those projects, which are being conducted by geographically distributed development teams, providing its members and customer company's personnel with day-to-day project management and monitoring capabilities.

System supports following project-related business processes and has following features:
- Planning: task lists, milestones and development schedules.
- Collaboration: shared document and source code storages with check-in/check-out functions.
- Monitoring: daily progress reports, system-level and project-level summary reports, Gantt diagrams displaying development progress.
- Communication: discussion forums, customized e-mail notifications, announcements that everyone can see at once.
- Quality assurance: test planning and bug-tracking tools.
- Security: flexible role-based access control system,
- Convenient working environment: customized bookmarks and reminders, full-text search and more…

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Project Management System is a database-driven web-application. The heart of the system is SQL Server database that stores all system data – projects, tasks, reports, forums, etc. Users access Project Management System via Internet using web-interface. Project Management System implementation as a web-application provides following advantages:
- user don't need to install any software on his computer, all he needs is a web browser, therefore user can access application from any computer connected with Internet,
- all users share the same application data and executable code concentrated in one place - on the server, therefore users always deal with actual data and the latest version of the software,
- database and application code are hosted on high-stability server protected from viruses and intrusions. Daily backups guarantee the safety of data when high performance of the server and wideband Internet connection ensure excellent efficiency.

New version 1.2.55 includes a number of improvements targeted mainly to expedite system installation and maintenance. The system is being delivered now with installation program, which turns the setup of the software to target server into the effortless and quick job. No more tricky administration of your server - installation program automatically performs all administrative routines, copies necessary files, creates MS SQL Server database, creates web application on IIS server, populates database with initial data and fulfils all other tasks necessary to install the system. Once the installation program completed the setup process, you may start using the system immediately, without any additional manual operations and even without the restart of your servers.

Since build 1.2.55 the system supports both MS Windows 2000 Server and MS Windows 2003 Server.

Automated installation and setup provides even those companies, which don't have their own IT professionals, with the chance to purchase Project Management System, install and start using it as easy as if they were installing a simple desktop utility.

Recent release 1.2.55 of Intelligence-Soft Project Management System has successfully passed testing for the following components of the Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions: Windows Server 2003 and MS SQL Server. Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.

About the author: Alexander Butovsky is the founder and CEO of Russian offshore software development company Intelligence-Soft –

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