ICNTR Inc. Introduces the Silicon Valley Online Accelerator

The world goes to Silicon Valley, attempting to replicate global successes. The "Valley" is a very expensive place to live and even more difficult to succeed with a startup. ICNTR Inc, Palo Alto, wants to give people a free Silicon Valley experience, online, where they can launch and scale their startup idea.

Palo Alto, CA, December 09, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The failure rate of startups in Silicon Valley is substantial. Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest Venture Capital firms in the valley, says that of approximately 4000 startups, only 200 will make it through to the next year, of those, only about 15 will be able to achieve some success.

That's roughly 4 in every 1000 startups that will have some level of success. The other way round, 996 startups out of 1000 will fail. Anybody with the idea to begin a startup faces a 97% chance of failure.

This is where Paul Wilson, founder and CEO of ICNTR Inc., Palo Alto, believes there's a way of reducing the cost of a Silicon Valley startup, whilst increasing the chance of success. He says, "The cost of living in the 'Valley' is really high. Paying $1800 for a bunk-bed, shared with a room of 5 other people, is just crazy." He wants to help founders, by alleviating the high cost of a startup in the valley, by offering those founders with a Silicon Valley Online Accelerator, providing curated resources targeted at delivering highly informational content in line with the principles of Silicon Valley success. They also provide online coaching, and for those taking things seriously enough, will be identified and be given a free ICNTR license, automating Innovation Resource Planning for the founder. A free ICNTR license will give them access to the latest technological development in creating disruptive innovations for both startups and existing organizations. Wilson says that people who want to solve big problems, are welcome to signup free at www.ICNTR.com. They are also looking for innovation leaders to join the Silicon Valley Online Accelerator, they are also invited to signup.
Paul Wilson
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