New Zealand Oil Now Available in United States

Portland, OR, January 07, 2018 --( A new, beautiful collection of New Zealand Essential Oils are available at The Essential Oil Company. This unique collection is high quality and wild crafted in the forests of New Zealand, distilled by Estate Aromatics, an exclusive partner of The Essential Oil Company of Portland, Oregon.

Each Essential Oil is distilled using a patented vacuum distillation process by Estate Aromatics. Wild plant material is harvested for oil production from the high altitudes of the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand, away from industrial pollution.

The collection includes essential oils such as: Douglas Fir, Bishop Pine, Cedarwood (Deodora), Japanese Cedar, Lodgepole Pine, Manuka, Monterey Cypress, Ponderosa Pine, Shinning Gum (Eucalyptus), Sitka Spruce, Thyme and Willow Peppermint (Eucalyptus).

Douglas Fir was planted in New Zealand for wood production. Unfortunately, Douglas Fir has become an invasive species across the South Island. Harvesting Douglas Fir for essential oil production reduces the need for spraying toxic chemicals, which are used for killing the trees. Producing essential oils is environmentally positive and sustainable.

Robert Seidel, Founder of The Essential Oil Company and Paul Greaves, Owner of Estate Aromatics collaborated in November of 2017. The distillation process created by Paul Greaves brings out a high quality product. The patented Vacuum Distillation method gives a shorter distillation time and lower temperatures during distillation. Thyme Oil, for example can be extracted in 15 minutes, and can be distilled at temperatures below boiling, at approximately 80º C. The product is distilled at lower temperatures to retain more of the top notes and diminish damage done by overheating.
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Ilana Seidel