Business Foresight Strategies Show Sharpens Its Direction Towards Futures

Futurist share their expertise on trends, futuring, and scenarios, to help entrepreneurs discover how they can grow their businesses exponentially.

New Hampton, NY, January 24, 2018 --( According to Dr. Nilda Perez, President/CEO and host of Foresight Strategies Show (FSS), carried on Facebook Live Streaming and syndicated on podcast, businesses that do not prepare today for the future will eventually lag so far behind that they may never catch up.

In an effort to provide small business owners an edge over any and all competition it is crucial they know how to seize opportunities and avoid threats that can impact their company. Today’s businesses need be cutting edge and future conscious. FSS is dedicated to teaching futures to businesses via this platform hosting expert guests who are futurists from a wide-range of industries.

The focus is to have them share their knowledge and how they have applied futures (foresight strategies) in their perspective industry. FSS's motive is to open an appetite for futures consciousness and encourage business owners to stay abreast of trends, build scenarios that will position them leap years ahead of any potential competition. This awareness will help businesses build sustainability beyond their imagination.

“In this rapidly changing era there needs to be zeal for learning from the past, understanding the present, and embracing the future, is the only way to stay cutting edge,” said Dr. Perez “However, by not trendspotting, analyzing scenarios, and designing your desired future, the survival rate in this ever-changing age at best looks bleak.”

FSS provides business development through a futures perspective. They feature futurist from industries such as financial planning, real-estate, education, business, engineering, architecture, fashion design, anthropology, graphic design, marketing and many more. In In addition to Facebook Live streaming every Saturday at 11:00 AM EST. FSS also archives the show on Dr. Nilda CV page, You Tube, iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud, and Google Play.

This month’s guest lineup includes the following futurists and dates:
January 6th – Dr. Nilda Perez CEO & Futurist of a Foresight Strategies Group (FSG) and member of the Association of Professional Futurist (APF) and Co-host Rachel Calderon, CMO of FSG and CEO of AARKS Digital Designs.

Dr. Nilda Perez is a Futurist who teaches business-owners how to be future conscious. She delves into the trends that shape the future for more than six years. Her goal is to prepare individuals and business owners to understand trends, form scenarios, and design their desired future. She has designed the Foresight Strategies Show to educate non-futurists on why they want to hire a futurist to help steer them to sustainable growth.

Rachel Calderon is a Creative Media Specialist. She offers brand design, marketing, and PR services. She is technologically savvy and a creative visionary. Rachel’s approach is innovative and is very successful in positioning her client’s in the best light.

January 13th – James Lee is the Founder of Strategic Foresight Investments and member of the APF organization. He is a market strategist and a veteran financial advisor. He has been named Delaware’s only professional futurist. He has impressively coupled futures studies with investments and real-estate. Jim has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Financial Planning magazine for his great insight in futuring. He known for his innate ability to help people look around a few corners to find ideas about trends that impact real-estate.

January 20th – Alethia Berenice Montero Baena is the Founder and Pioneer of Teatro del Devenir (Forward Theater) and Psycho-prospective, the methodology of role-playing scenarios through theater. This allows adult students, organizations, and businesses to design their future.

She is the Director of World Future Society Mexican Chapter. And has been awarded the “President Outstanding Young Woman Futurist” in 2016 from Work Future Study Celebration. She has been recognized for her outstanding work in teaching scenario planning through theater, which has allowed individuals to envision and anticipate their future.

January 27th – Joyce Gioia is the CEO of The Herman Group & Vice Chairman of APF organization. Joyce is a strategic business futurist, a Certified Speaking Professional, and Certified Management Consultant. Her futuring methodology has helped thousands of clients create a vision of their preferred futures for organizations such as AT&T, Caterpillar, Petronas, American Honda and Proctor & Gamble.

In 2013 Joyce has been awarded USA TODAY Road Warrior of the Year. She is well respected for her futures knowledge and is regularly Entrepreneur, The Economist, Forbes, and Business Week. She is a multi-book author with popular bestsellers “Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People and How to Become an Employer of Choice.

“As I have delved deeper into futures study I realize that I see the world from a whole different perspective. I have wanted to share this especially with those small businesses whom may not readily have access to the information, and this has led to the show” said Dr. Perez “Now I am delighted to have such an outstanding lineup of professional futurist who are willing to share their expertise with the audience.”

About: Dr. Nilda Perez is a futurist with a Doctorate in Strategic Foresight from Regent University. She is a member, and Outreach Coordinator of the Association of Professional Futurists. She uses foresight targeted strategies to position businesses in the 21st century by designing their preferred future to take them beyond their imagination.

Her goal is to help businesses of any size align themselves for longevity, an uncontested market space, increased profits, and maximum growth through foresight strategies with targeted tools, methods, and approaches. For more information, visit Dr. Nilda Perez or Foresight Strategies Group
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