Solaridy Announces Name Change to Hyperponic and Management Hires

Tampa, FL, February 15, 2018 --( Solaridy LLC announced today that the board of directors have approved a name change for the corporation to Hyperponic LLC. The change takes effect immediately.

“This new name better reflects the Company's high-tech roots,” explains Doug Fyvolent, Managing Partner, “and eliminates the confusion with 'solar' in our previous name. Hyperponic is an extension of the grow techniques hydroponic and aeroponic to hyperponic.”

The new website is located at

The company also announced that it has added two new senior management team leaders, Philippe Derathe as VP Operations and Jen Kearney as VP Technology.

Philippe is a resourceful and results-oriented Senior Executive Manager with extensive international experience and demonstrated success in operations management, international relations, structural reforms, and public relations in organizations with up to 2,500 employees. Philippe excels at developing and executing strategic initiatives, and providing vision and direction to achieve long-term goals, organizational mission, and day to day objectives.

Jen provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure growing environment. Prior to joining Hyperponic, she held IT management roles in various industries inclusive of Big 5 Consulting, Healthcare, Live TV and Global Retail where coalescing technology and operations into measurable service-delivery teams is essential. Her experience provides an appreciation for both startup and corporate cultures and controls. As a critical thinking partner, Jen identifies opportunities and implements solutions that reduce cost, optimize resources and drives revenue.

About Hyperponic
Hyperponic is a 21st century cannabis grow technology company. Providing key strategic advantages for North American growers. Some of those key advantages include tripling grow volume production in the same space and eliminating veg time and space, reducing labor costs by 50%, water use by 90% or more, and completely eliminating grow material and fertilizer costs.

The Hyperponic CropTower system is provided to the grower at no cost. The high-tech, networked system consists of between 10 and 200 10 foot tall towers that hold 103 plants each and are encircled by a full bank of lights. Each CropTower uses 81 square feet of space, generating 32 lbs of product every 60 days. Revenue is generated by multi-year production or a lease agreement with the grower.

For more information, contact Doug Fyvolent at or by calling 727-278-5091.
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