Zenger Folkman Hosts Live Webinar to Assess Your Inspiring Leadership

Orem, UT, February 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- After collecting data from over 87,000 leaders across the globe, Zenger Folkman has found that Inspiring and Motivating Others is the most difficult competency to develop. However, after studying the few leaders who were at the top percentile of effectiveness on this competency, they discovered the six approaches the best leaders use to inspire others: Visionary, Enhancer, Driver, Principled, Enthusiast, and Expert.

“People seem to go about inspiring in very different ways,” said Joe Folkman, President of Zenger Folkman. “Steve Jobs inspired employees with his visionary talents, and not his rude demeanor. On the other hand, Bill Gates has inspired those around him with his technical expertise. Oprah has inspired millions with her warmth and enthusiasm. Different people, all inspiring, but in entirely different ways.”

Folkman continued, “The important ‘aha’ for most who review these findings is that they have previously assumed (as we all tend to do) that being inspiring required someone to be an ‘enthusiast.’ Most people are highly relieved to discover there are other ways to inspire. Our research also shows that leaders who use more than one of these leadership approaches are more inspiring to their subordinates than those who rely primarily on one.”

To learn more about these six approaches, and take a free assessment to see which approach you use, attend Zenger Folkman’s webinar, 6 Key Ingredients for Inspirational Leadership, on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. For more information on these findings, and how to incorporate them into a leadership development plan, visit www.zengerfolkman.com.
Zenger Folkman
BreAnne Okoren