Power Defender K.O.'s Hangovers

The formulation's unique, targeted combination means that Power Defender delivers a powerful one-two punch. CEO seeks to "Knock out Hangovers!" Perfect for business related drinks.

Cupertino, CA, March 13, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Fortune Drink, Inc., has introduced Power Defender a mango lime flavored non-caffeinated supplement aimed at the anti-hangover market.

This liquid dietary supplement comes in a 3 oz. bottle, so it complies with TSA travel rules. Clearly, the creators had the business event drinker in mind. The patent-pending recipe contains ingredients that are known to help process two different and specific alcohol-related toxins out of the body. The amino acids L-ornithine and L-arginine go after ammonia while DHM (derived from the Oriental raisin tree) tackles acetaldehyde.

"This targeted combination means that Power Defender delivers a powerful one-two punch. We want to knock out hangovers!" says Fortune Drink Co-Founder and CEO, Tony Chen.

Mr. Chen spent seven years living and working in Hong Kong and traveling throughout Asia. "In countries like China and Japan, after-hours drinking is a mandatory way for business partners to get to know each other. But you still have to perform in the office the next day. Power Defender can really help any business person that wants to be sharp the next day whether its karaoke in Tokyo, a trade show in Las Vegas, or just drinks with colleagues after work."

Power Defender additionally contains 27 vitamins, antioxidants and plant extracts in a formulation designed by PhDs. Fortune Drink claims that drinking a bottle before drinking alcohol protects against some of the damaging effects of alcohol on the system.

"Power Defender brings peace of mind. You can celebrate the night and still function at a high level the next morning."

Power Defender is now available on Indiegogo:

About Fortune Drink:
Fortune Drink is devoted to helping people perform at their best with safe supplements formulated with ingredients that have documented benefits. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, the co-founding team of Robert Chen and Tony Chen have decades of technology innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.

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