New Resource from The Eagle Group: Investment Casting Process Guide for Manufacturers

The Eagle Group is offering a new downloadable resource to help manufacturers learn about investment casting.

Muskegon, MI, April 23, 2018 --( Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc. just released a downloadable resource, titled Investment Casting Process Guide: A Comprehensive Introduction to Investment Casting.

The goal of the 21-page ebook is to make it easy for manufacturers, and anyone else who's interested, to learn the basics about investment casting. Manufacturers looking for a better way to produce parts can find information on tolerances, design recommendations and a full case study.

Especially concerning fabricated metal products, investment casting can offer real gains in terms of quality and cost effectiveness. In order to fill in the knowledge gap and illustrate some of the possibilities offered by investment casting, Eagle Precision produced this guide.

The Investment Casting Process Guide answers questions like these:
-Where did investment casting come from?
-How does investment casting work?
-How does investment casting compare to other metal casting methods?
-Is investment casting right for my product?

Eagle Precision and the Eagle Group as a whole has decades of experience working with both seasoned metalcasting customers and those new to the process. This guide is especially geared toward sales engineers, purchasing department representatives and executive staff who want to learn more before making a big decision.

The Investment Casting Process Guide can be downloaded for free from the Eagle Group.
The Eagle Group
Joseph Gentle