Madden Metering Chemical Metering Pump Still Kicking It After 54 Years

Madden received a metering pump for repair that has been in service since October 16, 1964.

Elkhart, IN, May 15, 2018 --( At Madden Manufacturing their motto is “Simple, Rugged Quality” and it couldn’t ring more true than with a diaphragm metering pump that they received for repair that has been in service since October 16, 1964.

Wells College in Aurora, New York purchased the metering pumps from Madden long ago to pump diatomaceous earth which is used to treat their municipal drinking water. Diatomaceous earth filtration is used to physically remove particulates that are strained from the source water.

The pump they repaired has now been reassigned to back up duty, which means that any time they have testing or maintenance done on the primary pump, it is put back into operation. Of course, it’s also always ready to run should the primary pump fail for any reason.

Cost effective chemical metering solutions

Let’s take minute and to do some math. In 2018, a rugged mechanically actuated metering pump like Madden’s often costs around $2500. If we simply assume that number and divide it by 54 years, Wells College has been paying a little over $46 a year for the pump to treat their drinking water. Talk about a cost effective pump!

When looking at the situation this way, the Madden diaphragm metering pumps rugged design seems more and more enticing in comparison to some of the cheaper metering pump options that are often thrown away and replaced every few years.

So not only has this pump been a very cost effective, durable solution for Wells College, after all of these years of service, Madden was able to tear the pump completely apart and replace all of the worn out parts for a total cost of $541.35. And by the way that included parts, paint, labor, and testing the pump before shipping it back.

Metering pumps worth repairing

In our current disposable world, we simply throw something out when it no longer works and that’s not the case for Madden diaphragm metering pumps.

With a focus on providing 24/7/365 pumping, their pumps are constructed using all metal parts. Most of the metal parts are cast, and then machined in their shop. The Madden metering pump has a rugged aluminum body with steel, iron, and bronze parts inside making up a rugged and simple solution to your chemical injection needs.

Dependability versus disposability

The bottom line is that you can spend $2,500 on a Madden metering pump today, with minor costs to maintain the wetted end assembly, and then potentially $500 years down the road to have them service the entire unit inside and out.

Of course you can look into the $500 - $1,000 solenoid driven metering pumps and throw those away once they wear out; replacing them every couple of years.

When it comes to 24/7/365 type chemical injection applications, a durable metering pump like Madden Manufacturing’s design is much more cost effective in the long run.

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