Detectamet Celebrates 15th Birthday

Detectamet is celebrating 15 years of manufacturing and distributing Metal Detectable and X-Ray Visible products.

York, United Kingdom, August 04, 2018 --( From its "under the stairs" start-up in 2003 Pocklington company Detectamet has outgrown three premises and moved last year into its fourth home, Prospect House, on the Pocklington Industrial Estate.

The company helps food manufacturers and pharmaceutical businesses to reduce the risk of food contamination by manufacturing and distributing more than 350 products that are made from metal detectable and X-ray visible plastics.

Sean Smith, Detectamet’s Chairman, said “When the company was launched from our 3 square metre East Yorkshire office I could not have imagined that I would eventually be needing premises of 3000 sq. metres in the UK and 1300sq. metres in the USA.”

In 2015, Detectamet Inc. opened in the USA near the city of Richmond, Virginia. From its offices and large warehouse, it services all North and South America with the full range of products made and supplied from Pocklington.

The joint company’s global turnover exceeded £6 million this year with more than 40 people employed.

“Our staff have found it very useful to learn from each other’s expertise, and short exchange trips have occurred with some of our UK staff making their way to the Richmond office to offer help and advice and their US counterparts come over to the UK to offer their unique experience,” Sean explained.

When asked what Detectamet might be doing in the next 15 years, Sean thought that was too far in the future. Over the next five years he revealed that the company had plans to open offices in other countries where the desire to improve food safety was attracting even more food processing customers to the need for detectable plastic tools and materials.
Derrick Blunden
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